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4 Most Prominent Longines Watches for Men

Longines Watch

Longines is a Swiss watchmaker known for its timeless elegance and long-standing associations with horse racing and other equestrian sports. With its amazing ultra-thin movements and watch models, the company has also created a name for itself in the luxury watch world.

Longines has maintained close links with numerous athletic industries since developing its first chronograph movement in the 1800s. Longines was gaining prominence by winning prestigious awards. Longines distinguished itself by winning more Grands Prix at international shows than any other watchmaker. Longines was trusted by many high-profile personalities and organizations in sports, aviation, and exploration to meet their precision timing demands. Here’s a list of prominent Longines watches for men.

The Longines Heritage Asthmometer Pulsometer Chronograph Watch is a well-known Longines Watch for men. The automatic L652.2 caliber powers Longines’ Heritage Asthmometer Pulsometer chronograph. The caliber, which has a width of 10 12 lignes and a frequency of 4 Hz, is made up of 33 jewels and holds enough energy to run for 37 hours. The date, which is presented in an aperture at the bottom of the dial, right inside the 12-hour Chrono counter, is also shown on the watch.

The chronograph has a silvered dial with a single Arabic numeral for 12 o’clock, eight extra connected indices, and gilded yellow hands, and was created as a medical help. It is encased in a 38.5 mm diameter stainless steel circular body. A glare-resistant sapphire crystal protects the dial, and the watch is water-resistant to 30 meters. A black alligator strap with a buckle clasp adorns the wristlet of the Asthmometer-Pulsometer Chronograph.

  • Longines Heritage Avigation Chronograph Watch

The spherical stainless steel casing of the Avigation Oversized Crown Chronograph timekeeper has a modest diameter of 41 mm. Its fluted bezel is made with a single index and can be spun in both directions, allowing the pilot to establish the reference points with more precision. Other features customized to the demands of pilots include the winding stem and crown, which are situated further away from the case to prevent the crown from being accidentally rotated. This function was much more crucial in the 1920s model since it allowed pilots to note the times of important events. The watch’s steel case has a solid back and is water-resistant to 30 meters.

When it comes to pilots’ timekeepers, visibility is crucial, even in the murky environment of a plane’s cockpit. This is why the brand’s designers chose a black lacquered finished dial with bright painted white Arabic numerals, as well as luminous pear-shaped hands with gold plating. The presence of a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with many layers of glare-proof coating on its bottom further helps to the timepiece’s improved visibility. A self-winding mechanical movement is included. It’s a 27-jewel caliber L788 with power storage that lasts for 54 hours. The movement in hand measures 12 ¼ lignes (30 mm) in width and 7.9 mm in thickness.

  • Longines Heritage Avigation Watch Type A-7

This timepiece, named AvigationWatch Type A-7, honors Longines’ longstanding ties to aviation. This column-wheel chronograph has an unusual design with an angled face, inspired by vintage models from the 1930s. Its dial layout is influenced by its aviation roots. Because these chronographs are designed to be worn on the inside of a wrist, they have a distinct appearance. The pilot could view the information from the watch without taking his hand off the controls since the dial was inclined at 50 degrees to the right, aligned with the airplane’s instruments. It has a large diameter of 49 mm, which helps to improve reading when combined with the huge white Arabic numerals that contrast sharply with the matt black dial. It has a big fluted crown that was easy to operate even with the thick gloves that pilots wore at the time.

The Avigation Watch Type A-7 also features a chronograph function actuated by a single push-piece in the crown above the 12 o’clock position of its tilted face. It is equipped with a self-winding mechanical caliber L788 base movement ETA A08.L11. The column-wheel chronograph caliber has 27 integrated jewels and measures 30 mm in diameter. It also beats at a high frequency of 4 Hz and has a 54-hour power storage capacity. The mechanical mechanism is enclosed in a circular stainless steel frame. It has a basic water-resistance of 30 meters thanks to its design.

  • Longines Heritage Weems Second-Setting Watch

Heritage Weems Second-Setting Watch was inspired by Captain Philip Can Horn Weems’ innovation, a pioneer of navigation who was sent by the Navy to teach Charles Lindbergh navigating using stars. The watch was created as a pilot’s tool and reinterprets the iconic Longines model created in conjunction with Weems in 1929. The capacity of the watch to synchronize the second hand with the time on the plane’s chronometers via radio signal was extremely valuable to aviators since it allowed for easy adjustment of the watch to the time on the plane’s chronometers.

This was extremely helpful because even tiny errors could lead to inaccurate computations, which is unacceptable in a process as exact as flying a plane. The product’s aviation origins are reflected in the use of a huge ball-shaped crown that may be operated even while wearing gloves. The revolving bezel, which reacts to daily variations in the equation of time, contributes to the model’s complexity and technological brilliance. The Weems Second-Setting watch is powered by the automated high-frequency mechanical caliber L699, which has a power reserve of roughly 46 hours. The caliber, which is made from a modified ETA A07 111 base movement, contains 24 rubies. You may peer through the watch’s clear case back to see how the mechanical caliber operates. The case is round in shape and is 47.5 mm in width.


Longines is a trusted brand in the luxury watch industry and with good reason. This high-end watchmaker has a long history of producing great timepieces in a wide range of styles. Longines has upheld its heritage and legacy in terms of quality and design since 1832. This company has made certain that its models are kept up to date to keep up with shifting market demands and new technology.

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