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These top destinations of 2018

Are you going to spend what you get in the lottery on a vacation? Are you going to ask the Magi for some vacation tickets? Are you already thinking about next summer? Whatever your case, or if, simply, you are looking for inspiration for your next year’s trips, here we bring you, in collaboration with the online travel portals Rumbo , Civitatis and , a list of the 26 destinations that will be trending in 2018. Which one are you going to start with?



If you dream of seeing northern lights, your destination is Finland in winter. The nights in this time are longer and darker than during the rest of the year, so it is the moment when this natural phenomenon can be seen more clearly. In addition, Finns are experts in making the most of snow, so you’ll find endless outdoor activities such as sledding through the woods with huskies, taking a swim in ice water, cruising on an icebreaker or visiting the Santa Claus himself.


With its endless slopes of virgin snow, Switzerland is a paradise for lovers of skiing and, in general, for all those seeking a different winter holiday … and height! Reservations to travel to Switzerland from Spain, according to Rumbo, increased by 24% in 2017, so it can be said that it has become one of the ‘trend destinations’ for next year. You can experience such unusual experiences as traveling the highest suspension bridge in Europe or immerse yourself in a glacier. If you have proposed to overcome the vertigo in 2018, this may be your destination to start the New Year on the right foot.


For travelers who are thinking of visiting the Asian continent for the first time but are afraid of not defending themselves with language, food or transportation, the first stop on the road should be Singapore. This city-state is one of the safest places in the world, and combines the best of Asia with some western features. English is one of their official languages, so it’s easy to communicate. In addition, the country is very rich in cultures because of the number of foreigners who live and work in it, and this also influences gastronomy, which includes options for all tastes.


Reservations to travel to Morocco increased by 14% this year compared to 2016, and is that more and more Spanish tourists who are left to conquer the cultural offer of this country. April and May are the most recommendable months to visit it: although in summer the temperatures are so high that you just want to visit its beaches, in spring the country can be enjoyed whole, from the mountains to the coast, and from the tranquility of the desert to the effervescent cultural life of their cities.


It will be one of the top destinations in Central America, with an enormous diversity that includes art, beaches of infarction, almost virgin forests, impressive volcanic landscapes and a colonial heritage that is worth exploring from top to bottom. At the moment it is not a saturated place, so you can have the luxury of choosing it and exploring it to your liking, opting for natural paths or discovering indigenous communities or pre-Columbian ruins, to let yourself be carried away by the secrets of tropical forests. A recommendation? We give you two: Granada, the best preserved colonial city, and the vibrant and disorderly Leon.


Reservations to visit Malta increased by 10% in 2017 and this growth is expected to be even higher next year, since its capital, La Valletta, will be the European Capital of Culture. Malta is a destination that can be traveled all year round because its Mediterranean climate offers mild temperatures in any season. But if you really want to disconnect and relax, we recommend doing it at the beginning of autumn: you will have practically guaranteed good weather, you will avoid crowds and you will find, literally, your oasis.


With a mix of cultures and religions out of the ordinary, Malaysia offers plans for all tastes, from completely immersed in nature to enjoying the lively urban life of its capital, Kuala Lumpur. More and more Spaniards are getting ready to discover this destination, and that is that reservations to visit Malaysia increased 38% in 2017, with respect to the previous year. Summer is one of the best times to visit the country; you will avoid the wet season and you will have enough hours of light to go through it without hurry.


Color, nature and culture merge into a destination of inexhaustible experiences. From the cities to the most rural areas, Peru offers its visitors an unforgettable trip. See large cities such as Lima or Cuzco, do trekking along the Costa Verde, get surprised on the Inca Trail, Instagram the Rainbow Mountain (in the image), fly over the Nasca lines to discover its famous geoglyphs, one of the biggest enigmas of the world archeology, or to know some of the infinite islands of the country, of great biological wealth.

The Angels

It will be for ‘La, la, land’, but the city of the stars has become a place of pilgrimage for moviegoers and, lately, also for trend hunters. Reservations to visit Los Angeles have increased by 23% this year with respect to 2016, especially for long stays (more than five nights) in high season. However, the most recommended time to visit is autumn: you will avoid the heat waves of the summer months, you can enjoy its parks and forests in full leaf change and, in addition, avoid crowds of tourists. If you are one of those waiting for September to enjoy your vacation, Los Angeles can be your destination for 2018.

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