Hospitality Management: A Comprehensive Guide

Hospitality is an ever-evolving industry as people love to travel across the globe to their heart’s content. A hospitality management course is sought after these days due to the career opportunities it opens for students after they have completed their school education. But first, let us cover the basics and understand the various aspects of hospitality management and how is it different from hotel management. 

What is hospitality management?

Hospitality management involves overlooking the commercial, administrative and operational tasks of organisations including hotels, resorts, bars, restaurants, amusement parks and more. Hospitality covers a wide range of businesses not limited to hotels and resorts and the ultimate goal of a hospitality professional is to provide their guests with the best experience possible. 

Various hospitality management institutes including The LaLit Suri Hospitality School offer undergraduate and diploma courses that help students learn the nuances of this industry.

How is hospitality management different from hotel management?

The difference between the two boils down to the scope they offer. Hotel management is limited to the hotel and resort industry which sure is vast in itself and makes for a lucrative career option. While hospitality management offers more avenues and businesses where students can practice the skills that they have learned from their course.

Hotel chains have a variety of departments that one can explore such as housekeeping, restaurant, marketing, sales and more. Meanwhile, hospitality management allows you to learn about all these departments and more in different organizations such as amusement parks, restaurants, spas, and F&B.

What kind of jobs you can land with a hospitality management degree?

Hospitality is a wide umbrella term which covers a wide array of businesses that one can foray into. Some common responsibilities of a hospitality manager include managing budgets, researching and suggesting new business ideas, managing and training staff, dealing with customer queries and ensuring adherence to safety measures. Some job examples in the hospitality industry are: 

  • Restaurant manager
  • Hotel and resort manager
  • Chef
  • Event planner
  • Marketing, media and sales representative
  • Food and beverage manager 
  • Financial roles

How to become a hospitality management professional?

The first step toward establishing a career in the hospitality industry is to find the best colleges for hospitality management such as The LaLit Suri Hospitality Schools which offers 3 Year B. Sc. in Hospitality course sydney & Hotel Administration Degree along with diploma courses in food production and bakery and patisserie. These courses set you on the path of career excellence with their hands-on training, internships, and overall industry exposure.

Once you have completed your course you can also pursue courses that specialize in a particular field. Besides education, hospitality professionals are expected to stay on top of the industry norms, and trends, have an in-depth knowledge of different departments, and also have a basic knowledge of computer software as it makes the daily job easier. 

Now that you have received the details for hospitality management, you can start researching the best institutes for yourself and what more the industry has to offer.

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