Is Long Grain Basmati Rice Healthy or Not?

Basmati rice is the finest quality of rice that is grown in the foothills of Himalayas. It smells really unique and good in taste too. Even it is also healthy. If you buy brown basmati rice, it is healthier. The long, fluffy grains can bring water in your mouth; its aroma pleases you and goes with all kinds of veg and non-veg dishes.

Well, I know! You are thinking – Is it really healthy or just a promotional dialogue it is? Of course, it is healthy than the regular white rice. The regular polished grains that you use in your home are not healthy.

It consists of carbohydrates, protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals to keep you healthy. Here are some health benefits of Basmati Rice. Take a look!

Benefit Number – 1

It is said that consuming a lot of fiber can reduce the probability of colon cancer. Basmati rice has more fiber than normal rice. Select brown basmati whenever you buy. A report says that a person who takes 30gms of fiber daily can save himself from the risk of colon cancer by 30 percent than a person who takes less fiber.

Benefit Number – 2

You should consume the food that doesn’t disturb your Blood Sugar Levels. The glycemic index of brown basmati is lesser than the regular white rice. So, diabetes patients can also eat it (discuss with your doctor if they allow).

Benefit Number – 3

Basmati rice takes little time to digest than other kinds of rice. This can make you feel fuller. Your cravings will be under control. If your motive is to control cravings, replace normal rice with Basmati.

Benefit Number – 4

As we above mentioned that it is a great source of fiber, you need not worry about your bowel movements. Fiber-rich foods can help you to get relief from constipation.

Benefit Number – 5

Cholesterol is not found in Basmati rice that’s why it contains very less fat. It doesn’t hold gluten. So, if you want gluten-free foods, add it to your kitchen’s list (Discuss with your doctor).

Benefit Number – 6

Basmati rice has vitamins, which is considered good for your digestive & nervous systems and even for the heart. It also holds Iron in fewer amounts.

Basmati rice, with its sweet smell and palatable taste, has always been a much-loved rice of Indians since the colonial times. Unavoidably, there are lots of Long grain basmati rice brands you can choose from. However, they all manufacture the same, but the age of grains can affect the taste and aroma.

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