New Rising Singer Star – Clelia Jane Sheppard

Clelia Jane Sheppard is coming singer and artist of Los Angeles. She is basically from the Cape Charles, Virginia. She is the singer that has complete knowledge of the music and the instruments. She works hard to make the singles and buying the instruments.  Clelia has the passion of the dogs and as well as photography. She has singles and has immense voice quality. The songs that are sung by the singer are always overwhelmed emotionally. These are written in the lyrics that are powerful and bright.

The music of Clelia has the positivity and makes the listeners feel good. Pop music is not always being liked by everyone but listen to her is a great treat for you. The singles like the Beauty in a wicked world and the Holy water are the great songs. The lyrics of both of them are great and have a great beginning and end.  The energy of the songs is colorful and impressive. The vocals of the singer are passionate.  The single helps the listeners and the fans to revel in their consciousness that they are paying attention to something good and original. The real and genuine lines and the voice always have great value in the eye of the music lovers.

Who is Clelia Jane Sheppard?

She is raising new stars in the singing industry. Her music is organic and partly electronic. Her voice is softly soulful and has a great impact on thee hear of the listeners.  She is a good lyric writer and has the ideas on the spot many of the time. Most of her songs are focus on the beautiful scenes and the innocence of the world.

Kind of Songs

The song that is Holy water is the kind of emotional purity.  She is good at musical and as well as lyrically.  The songs that are sung by her are close to nature and the beauty and capture the spirit well. The other song name Holy water is the romantic composition of the Clelia Jane Sheppard. The best part of this song is that it is related to the people that are falling in love. This describes the best facts of the relationship by simply excluding the ugly stuff that became the main cause of the breakup and ends up creeping relations.  This is the best song to dedicate to your special one.

For more Details

There are many online sources where you can come across the Clelia Jane Sheppard. But now in this era of social media, you can make her go behind on various platforms. From here you can also come to be acquainted with the latest tracks and the news and concerning any more things like concerts etc.  You can listen to the songs of her and make your point of view. Following is the username of the Clelia in a variety of social media channels.

Clelia Jane Sheppard is a singer, lyricist, photographer, and blogger from Los Angeles. She is originally from Virginia. She did graduation from The College of William and Mary. Her basic subject in college is psychology. She is passionate and has a great interest in beauty and nature. Passion and love for beauty are completely shown in the songs which are sung by her.

They both are great and have beautiful deep lines.  She loves to sing songs like this. They both are defining beauty. One is related to the painting of the scene and the other one is related to the feeling of love.  They both are great topics and love by the listeners to hear.

Initially, she is passionate and wants to become a yoga instructor in the future. The main reason she wants this because she loves to help the people and council them.  Her singles are a great achievement of her. She releases the songs that are a great contribution to the music.

The songs that are singing by the Clelia Jane Sheppard are listed below with the great description.

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  • On Instagram : @clelala_
  • On Twitter: @clelala123
  • On Facebook: Clelala (@cleliajanemarie)

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