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Restaurants in Jawahar Nagar for the Best Day-Out

There are so many choices for eating out in Jawahar Nagar, Delhi. When wondering about the PG rent in Delhi or finding a PG, sites like your-space make the process hassle-free. You have come to the right place if you want to know the must-visit eateries in Jawahar Nagar. 

Here are some restaurants you must have on your list:

Cafeteria & Co. –

Located in Hudson Lane, this is a nice and elegant café you can visit with your friends. It serves continental and Italian cuisine. Its menu also has a good variety of beverages, from shakes to coolers. If you are in the mood to celebrate, it also has cocktails to enjoy.

The Lalten –

This restaurant is an interesting mix of elegance and comfort. It has chic décor and a black-tie staff to serve you. They serve North Indian, Continental, Mexican, and Chinese cuisine and fast food. Make this a part of your outing for a great dining experience.

Echoes Living Room-

If you live in a PG in Jawahar Nagar and are craving mouth-watering food and pleasing décor, this is the place to be. The unique thing about this café is that the serving staff is differently-abled. They have cards available on each table to convey gratitude, appreciation, and more. Their menu has continental and Chinese cuisine and fast food. They also serve delicious thick shakes, coolers, mocktails, and a variety of coffees and desserts.

Housefull Café Lounge-

This café has a beautiful rooftop setting with options of open-air and indoor seating. Enjoy eating under the pretty fairy lights of the rooftop or in the gorgeous ambience indoors. They offer North Indian, Continental, and Chinese cuisine. Beverages include a range of options of coffees, shakes, mocktails, and a bar menu.


This restaurant is located on Hudson Lane. If you live in a PG in Jawahar Nagar, Delhi, this place is quite close. It has a cosy and welcoming setting. It is a nice place to hang out with many friends and relax. It has food you can indulge in and healthy options for the health-conscious. It is fitting to end a gourmet food journey with a scrumptious dessert. 

Coco Pots-

Located in Kamla Nagar, it is a stone’s throw away from Jawahar Nagar. This café has a minimalist décor and makes for a lovely experience. You can have pancakes, bubble waffles, cake shakes, and cakes of many kinds. Sit down for a coffee and a slice of cake to finish off a perfect day out.

Waffle Nation-

Waffle Nation is located in Hudson Lane, pretty close to Jawahar Nagar. Heaven of waffles in different flavours with toppings of your choice is a must-visit for dessert. Not just waffles, they also have pancakes, crepes, and churros for your sweet tooth cravings.

These places are accessible, whether you live in Jawahar Nagar or a PG in Saket. Make it the best day out with these options.


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