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What Games To Play At Home And Not Go Crazy About?

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Do you already have a full head of action shooters and adventures? Don’t know what to download anymore? Have fun with something clever. We have selected interesting logic games for you, which will entertain you and teach you something. So take a look at our tips.

Baba Is You

Baba Is You is a small logic game that was released last year and won a number of awards. It is built on the principle that you can change the rules while playing. In each level you will find blocks with text that you can move and change whatever you want. In each level, you always have a clear goal so that you can move on again.

In some, you may get stuck for a while, but only before you understand what you can change with the words you have available. In total, you can go through 200 different levels. To play (play download games), you need to have at least a basic knowledge of English.

The Czech version of Baba Is You does not exist, at least for now. But these are not complicated words or sentences. In addition, a compiler can help easily and quickly.

Kerbal Space Program

Have you ever wondered what needs to be done to get a space shuttle into space? You can try something similar in the game Kerbal Space Program.

You will be in charge of the Kerbal race space program. While it may seem infantile at first glance, it is actually quite complex. There are three game modes.

The first is the Science mode, in which your main task is to explore new technologies and expand Kerbal’s knowledge as much as possible. In addition, there is Career mode, which serves as a guide to the basic mechanics of the game.

Gradually teach you what you need to do to make your spacecraft peeled away from the planet and successfully left its atmosphere. The last of the modes is Sandbox. Here’s your free hand. You can build whatever you want.

You are limited only by your own fantasies and available elements for construction. It’s not all about creating a space shuttle. You also need to provide a well-trained crew, correctly determine the flight trajectory and other necessary things. If you succeed, you will be able to explore the entire local star system.

The Witness

You wake up alone on a deserted island. You don’t know how you got here. There is no animal anywhere. After a moment of research, it is clear that the only things you will find on the island are dozens of tables with puzzles.

By solving them, you will gradually find out what this is all about. As with most such games, the puzzles are very simple from the beginning.

Gradually, however, their complexity increases and new conditions are added that you must meet in order to move one table further. The Witness is not only pleasant to play, but also looks very good. Exploring scenic landscapes is a real pleasure.

But to get to some parts of the island, you must first solve the puzzles. Even if you get stuck somewhere, you can usually go to another part of the island and come back later to solve the riddle.

Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training

The goal of this game is to really train your brain.

Dr. Kawashima came out at the beginning of the year, but there is no newcomer to the gaming market. His first game was released in 2005. A lot has changed since then. In addition to novelties, the classic exercises are also returning.

Dr. Kawashima begins with a series of tests to assess your knowledge. Accordingly, the complexity of other tasks depends, whether it is mathematical examples or tasks focused on logic. You can also challenge other players and compare which one of you is better.

Dr. Kawashima has plenty of mini-games and exercises, so he won’t get bored. Its only problem is that it is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch console.

You can’t find it on a PC or any other platform. Most of its elements work only thanks to the unique features of the Switch. The good point, on the other hand, is that when you buy the boxed version of the game, you also get a stylus.

Portal 2

The principle of Portal 2 is absolutely simple. Use the weapon named Portal gun to create passages through the walls. Your task is to go through all the test rooms and get to the end successfully.

However, the difficulty gradually increases and more and more obstacles get in your way. You will quickly realize that it is not just about creating a portal in the right place.

The creators play well with physics and inertia. Even seemingly unsolvable situations can be handled thanks to cleverly devised mechanics. You just need to think first. If you are unsure about Portal 2, you can start playing in cooperation.

The two-player mode offers new challenges and adds other game play elements. Not for nothing is Portal 2 on Steam’s largest PC digital distribution ranked among the best cooperation’s of all time. The portal also has the advantage of supporting Steam Workshop. You can easily add other content created by fans to the game and it doesn’t cost you an extra crown.


Factorio is a matter for little more experienced players. This is a building strategy from Czech creator from the Weber Software studio. Simply put, it is about building and maintaining factories.

But first it is necessary to extract raw materials and explore technologies. It all starts with manual felling of wood, production of basic mechanisms and you can gradually work your way up to complex infrastructures. Enemies will be an obstacle for you.

These are the inhabitants of the local planet who do not completely like that you are exploiting their resources. You can start playing in cooperation.

There is also support for user content. You can even find an editor right in the game, in which you can create something new yourself. Just watch out for mistakes.

Factorio is still under development, so sometimes you may encounter a technical flaw. According to fan feedback, however, there are definitely not enough of them to prevent you from enjoying playing.

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