May 20, 2024
Rajshree and Raj Grover

Rajshree Grover Biography, Wiki, Age, YouTuber, Family

Rajshree Grover Bio, Wikipedia, YouTuber, Family, Lifestyle Vlogger, NEET Rank, Net Worth & Social media Influencer


If you know about Raj Grover and watch his videos, you probably know his older sister, Rajshree Grover too. Raj is really popular on YouTube, and we often see him in his funny videos. Not long ago, Rajshree also started her own YouTube channel.

Family Background

If you watched her videos, you probably know her family. She has a little brother called Raj Grover, who’s pretty popular on YouTube. Her mom is named Reshmi Grover, and her dad is Dr Mahesh Grover.

Rajshree Grover Family
Rajshree Grover Family


People who watch Rajshree and Raj on YouTube are curious about how old Rajshree is. Many people on YouTube believe she is younger than Raj Grover. But that’s not true. Rajshree is actually older than Raj Grover. She was born on March 5, 2000, which means she is 22 years old in 2022. That makes her 6 years older than Raj.


She finished high school at a good school in Saharanpur. When she was in 11th grade, she began getting ready for the NEET exam. During that time, she enrolled in a foundation course. She chose science because she dreamed of being a doctor. After finishing 12th grade, she took the NEET exam and passed it on her first try. She got 6009th place in NEET. In 2022, she’s in her fourth year of studying MBBS. By 2024, she might have completed her studies and became a doctor.

Neet Rank

Rajshree Grover took the NEET test after finishing high school. She began getting ready for it when she was in 10th grade. Luckily, she passed it on her first try and got a decent rank. With her rank, she got admitted to LRM Medical College in Meerut. Although she aimed for a better college, her rank only qualified her for one in Meerut. Her NEET rank is 6009.



She really enjoys dancing and has shared many videos of her dancing on her channel. She’s posted 20 dance videos on YouTube. She’s filmed lots of these videos at home and some at family events. In these videos, you can also see her brother Raj Grover and her mom Reshmi Grover dancing. She does both Kathak and Free dance styles. A lot of people enjoy watching her dance YouTube videos.


Her Instagram username is @_rajshreegrover14_. She’s chosen to keep her account private. Because of this, she has fewer followers, and we can’t view her posts. Up until 2022, she has posted 82 times on Instagram.


She has a YouTube channel called “Rajshri Grover” where she shares her dance videos and talks about her life. People get to know about her personal life through these videos. Her channel has 365,000 subscribers. She began her channel on March 25, 2013, but at first, she didn’t post any videos and later deleted the ones she had uploaded initially.

Net Worth

Right now, she doesn’t make a lot of money because she’s studying in Medical College. But when she has free time, she earns some money by making and sharing videos on YouTube. There are two main ways she earns from YouTube. First, she gets money from Google AdSense. Second, she earns by promoting products, like Kuku FM. We’re not sure exactly how much she earns, but she makes around 30 thousand a month.

Relationship Status

She hinted, both directly and indirectly, that she’s not in a relationship. It seems like she’s really focused on her career at the moment and isn’t interested in dating anyone. If she does start dating someone, we’ll let you know for sure.


She isn’t a doctor yet. Back in 2018, she passed the NEET test. She got into LLRM Medical College in Meerut because of her score. Right now, she’s studying to be a doctor there. Her course will finish in 2023. So, if all goes well, she could become a doctor by 2024.


How old is Rajshree Grover?

She was born on March 5, 2000 which makes her 24 years old as of 2024.

Is she younger than her brother Raj Grover?

Rajshree and Raj Grover

No, she is actually older than her brother Raj Grover by 6 years.

What is her educational background?

She completed her high school education in Saharanpur and is currently in her fourth year of studying MBBS.

What was her NEET rank?

She secured a NEET rank of 6009 and got admitted to LRM Medical College in Meerut.

What type of dance does she enjoy?

She enjoys both Kathak and Free dance styles, and she has shared numerous dance videos on her YouTube channel.

What is her Instagram username?

Her Instagram username is @_rajshreegrover14_.

How many subscribers does she have on YouTube?

Her YouTube channel, “Rajshri Grover,” has 365,000 subscribers.

How does she earn money?

She earns money through Google AdSense and by promoting products like Kuku FM on her YouTube channel.

What is her relationship status?

She has hinted that she is currently not in a relationship and is focused on her career.

When will she become a doctor?

She is expected to complete her medical studies in 2023, so if all goes well, she could become a doctor by 2024.

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