May 26, 2024
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Book Review – The Girl Who Knew too Much – by Vikrant Khanna

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During these lockdown times, the only thing I found interesting is reading a book. Not only reading kills boredom but helps to improve vocabulary. So here is the review of my latest book read “The Girl who knew too much” authored by Vikrant Khanna


The book revolves around story told to a 13 year old girl Akshara who has lost her mother. The story was told by a guy called Harvinder aka Harry. Harry has found Akshara in the park when she was upset and crying which made him to narrate her a story.

The story narrated by Harry to Akshara is his own love story. He loved the girl call Sahiba who stayed in his neighbourhood. However, Sahiba was in love with another guy called Siddharth aka Sidhu. Harry started to resent on Sidhu when he came to know about their love story.

Sidhu was a nice guy and would always use to help other people. Soon Sahiba got Sidhu introduced to her family. Her family approved their relation and it was decided that they both will marry after their career. Studies got over and Sahiba established a bakery which was running successfully. Sidhu also started helping her. Both the families now wished that the couple should get married.

Marriage was fixed and preparations were going but suddenly before few days of marriage, Sidhu dies in an accident. This is all known to Harry who used to follow and keep track of Sahiba’s movement. Sahiba was depressed with Sidhu’s untimely death. Nevertheless, she believed that Sidhu will come back if she does the 1000 good deeds. She started doing good deeds in the hope of Sidhu’s return.


Do you think Sidhu, who is dead, will come back to Sahiba? Or will Harry propose to Sahiba and win her? Why does Harry has to tell his story to an unknown girl Akshara and asking her “whether she is a believer or cynic”? Is Harry hiding something or Harry is connected with Akshara?

You will get to answers of all this in the book.


Though I have not read Vikrant Khanna’s other books but this one was disppointing one. The book starts well and gives you a slight idea about the love story but I think the story is too dragged sometimes. There is twist in the plot but then it seems impractical. But the author again puts the question in the end “whether you are believer or cynic”.

I found the book bit slow and dragged. The story seems to be bit unreal and so do the characters. I was not convinced with the way the plot was developed and ended. I will recommend this book strictly to those people who love fairy tales and believe in some miracles.

What I liked about the book

Definitely I didn’t like the treatment and climax of the book however some moments in the initial love story narrated were good. Also I couldn’t guess to whom the title “The girl who knew too much” was referring to ? I must agree the cover of the book is wonderful so full marks for that.


I would rate 1.5 out of 5 to this book.

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