Rudri Pancholi Biography, Wiki, Age, Education, Family, Influencer, Income

Rudri Pancholi Biography

Rudri Pancholi Bio, Wikipedia, Age, Family, Income, Rising Social Media Star, Social Media Influencer


Today, we’re talking about Rudri Pancholi, a Social Media Influencer known as Sabbo Girl from South Delhi.

She was born in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, and went to Shree Narayana Guru Vidyalaya for school.

After finishing high school, she graduated and also completed a BJMC degree from Gujarat University.

rudri pancholi bio


Rudri Pancholi is a popular person on social media. Many people enjoy seeing her posts on Instagram.

She shares a lot about her life there, and also talks about products from different brands. Rudri makes money from these posts.

Her Instagram username is rudri.pancholi, where she has posted 260 times. 139,000 people follow her there.

She also posts funny videos.

Rudri Pancholi Social Media Influencer


Rudri Pancholi became famous because she’s really good at acting, making expressions with her face, and looking innocent.

People also love the way she talks in YouTube videos. Because of this, lots of people like and watch her videos.

Rudri uploads funny videos on YouTube with Yash Lalwani.

People enjoy seeing her and Yash together on social media and YouTube. Rudri often uses certain words in Yash Lalwani’s videos.

rudri pancholi age

Physical Appearance

Rudri Pancholi has a lovely smile and acts really well. She looks very beautiful. She does exercises like yoga and Gayam to stay healthy.

Rudri takes care of her fitness by avoiding smoking and eating healthily.

Her body measurements are 32-28-32. She works hard to stay in shape.


People who like Rudri Pancholi are really happy to learn more about her.

Rudri Pancholi is someone who makes things online and has a big influence on social media.

Many people are fans of hers.

They often leave comments on her videos and wonder how old she is.

She is 23 years old (as of 2024).

rudri pancholi wiki

Relation With Yash

Yash Lalwani is a popular YouTuber who makes funny videos.

Rudri Pancholi often appears in his videos, and they both act really well together.

Lots of people enjoy watching them on YouTube and Instagram. Their videos have millions of views, showing how much people like them together.

Rudri Pancholi and Yash Lalwani make a great team!

Yash and Rudri have been close pals for ages, and they get along really well.

Even though they’ve never talked about being more than friends, people wonder if they’re in a relationship or just really good buddies.

Some YouTube stars also keep their love lives private and don’t share details with anyone.


Rudri Pancholi doesn’t talk about her family or share info about them.

Sources say she lived in Ahmedabad, Gujarat with her family and siblings.

Her dad runs a business there, and sometimes Rudri helps him out.

YouTube Channel

Rudri Pancholi manages two YouTube channels. The first one she runs with Yash Lalwani and his team. The second one, she runs alone.

It’s named after her, “RUDRI PANCHOLI.” Her channel has 21,000 subscribers. She posts both long and short videos, often sharing her travel experiences.

She started her channel on December 24, 2019, and uploaded her first video on that day.

Net Worth / Income

Rudri Pancholi makes plenty of money. She earns most of it from Instagram by promoting different brands in her posts.

rudri pancholi Net Worth

She also makes money from her YouTube channel and by appearing as a guest at product launch events.

While we don’t know exactly how much she earns each month, it’s estimated to be around 60 thousand rupees.

That adds up to about 7 lakhs a year.

Rudri Pancholi FAQs

Who Is Rudri Pancholi?

She is a popular social media influencer known as Sabbo Girl from South Delhi.

What Is Rudri Pancholi’s Educational Background?

She graduated from Gujarat University with a BJMC degree after attending Shree Narayana Guru Vidyalaya for school.

How Many Followers Does Rudri Pancholi Have On Instagram?

She has 139,000 followers on Instagram with the username Rudri. Pancholi.

What Kind Of Content Does Rudri Pancholi Post On Instagram?

She shares insights into her life and promotes products from various brands. She also posts funny videos.

How Old Is Rudri Pancholi?

She is currently 23 years old (as of 2024).

Who Is Yash Lalwani And What Is His Relationship With Rudri Pancholi?

Yash Lalwani is a popular YouTuber who frequently collaborates with Rudri. They make funny videos together and are well-liked by their audience.

Does Rudri Pancholi Have Any Siblings?

While she doesn’t share much about her family, sources suggest she has siblings and has lived with her family in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

How Many YouTube Channels Does Rudri Pancholi Manage?

She manages two YouTube channels. One with Yash Lalwani and his team, and the other, her own solo channel named “RUDRI PANCHOLI.”

How Does Rudri Pancholi Earn Money?

She earns money primarily through sponsored posts on Instagram, her YouTube channels, and appearances at product launch events.

What Is Rudri Pancholi’s Estimated Income?

Her monthly earnings are estimated to be around 60 thousand rupees, totaling approximately 7 lakhs a year.

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