Instant Personal Loan Online: How to Apply and Get Approved in Minutes


You’d need a quick personal loan to provide you with extra cash in times of need, whether for a wedding that is just a few weeks away or to handle a family member’s medical emergency. When you need money right away, an instant personal loan enables you to meet a variety of needs in terms of finance.

Online instant personal loans are ideal for all your needs, regardless of your financial objectives—wedding, holiday, higher education, home remodeling or extension, debt reduction, or other.

A personal loan typically doesn’t demand collateral or security and has flexible payback periods. Instant loans are available through Fi.Money is deposited into your Fi. Money’s account. People with good credit scores can apply for these pre-approved personal loans. Each user maintains control and has full sight of all information during this entirely paperless process on Fi.Money, where loans are offered at competitive interest rates.

Below mentioned is the process for obtaining a personal loan. We’ve got all the bases covered, from the paperwork needed to apply for a personal loan:

Ascertain your needs

Determine your requirement for a personal loan and how much you require. For instance, you might need a loan to pay for your wedding or restore your house.

Borrowers must choose the amount they need to borrow and the length of their loan while keeping their loan eligibility in mind. Interest rates on personal loans are often higher and vary depending on the loan’s term. In light of this, even if one qualifies for a larger loan, one should keep the amount and duration as low as feasible.

Verify eligibility

When submitting an application for a personal loan, consumers should ascertain the maximum amount they qualify for.

The eligibility will usually be determined by a number of specific factors, such as their monthly pay or business revenue, their active loans and EMIs, as well as the total amount owed on all of their credit cards. Fundamentally, it will rely on the borrower’s creditworthiness.

Apply online

On their websites, the majority of licensed lenders enable customers to submit an application for a personal loan by completing a short online form.

A borrower only needs to supply their basic information in order to apply for a loan. These include personal data like name, age, residence, phone number, PAN and Aadhar card numbers, employment or business details, and details on their pay or business income.

Most lenders also offer pre-approved loans to their current clients, especially those with good credit histories, so they can take advantage of them in a matter of minutes.

Determine the monthly installments.

For a rough estimate of your monthly loan installments, use an online EMI calculator. Similar to the personal loan EMI calculator offered by the banks, one may adjust the interest rate and term to suit your monthly income.

Approach to the bank

Using NetBanking, online on the bank’s website, at an ATM, or by going to a branch, one can easily apply for a personal loan with a bank in a number of methods.

Provide the necessary documentation

Find out what paperwork is needed for a personal loan next. You often require identification, address, and proof of income (such as bank statements, pay stubs, or IT returns). Provide the bank copies of the paperwork pertaining to your personal loan.

Paying back the debt

Repayment plans often ask for partial monthly payments of principal and interest amounts in various ratios. As the lender will stop charging interest after the principal is paid in full, a borrower who is wise about this decision will choose to pay off the principal amount first, which will reduce the overall interest expense.

On the other hand, borrowers have the option of paying only the interest part upfront through equated monthly installments (EMIs) and the principal amount at the conclusion of the loan’s term. This option is beneficial for people who, for some reason, cannot afford a higher EMI that includes both interest and principal.


As long as you have a solid credit history and a high credit score, obtaining a personal loan is straightforward and hassle-free. A qualified lender will also provide a favorable interest rate and customize your repayment schedule to fit your cash flow situation.

Fi Money provides instant loans that arrive directly in your Fi account. These are pre-approved personal loans made available to select users with good credit scores. By setting up automatic in-app payments, you can avoid paying late fees for EMIs. Each user is given an eligible loan amount (up to Rs. 5 lakhs) by Fi’s partner bank, which holds an RBI license.

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