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Sanchita Basu Bio

Sanchita Basu Biography, Age, Actress, Model, Social Media Personality

Sanchita Basu Biography/Wikipedia

Sanchita Basu was born on March 24, 2003, in Bhagalpur, Bihar. In 2024, she turned 21 years old. She became famous on TikTok. She’s really talented, you can tell from how well she acts and expresses herself in her videos. She gained a lot of popularity at a young age. Now she’s acting in movies with Allu Arjun, a famous actor from South India.

Sanchita Basu Wiki

Physical Appearance

Sanchita Basu is a beautiful person. She has nice facial expressions. She is 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 53 kilograms. Her eyes and hair are black. Her body measurements are 34-28-36, which means she has a nice figure. She exercises and does yoga regularly to stay healthy. She also eats a good diet to stay fit and avoids harmful substances like drugs and alcohol.

Tiktok Star

Lots of people really enjoyed her video on TikTok. She had 2.08 million followers. Her TikTok videos got 58 million likes. A lot of people liked watching her on TikTok. When TikTok shut down, she began posting videos on other social media platforms. She also started sharing videos on Chingari and Taktak, and she still got lots of love from her fans.

Instagram Followers

She’s an actress from South India. Even though she’s young, she has lots of fans. People watch her songs millions of times. Many people show her love on social media. She has about 2.3 million followers on Instagram.

Sanchita Basu Actress and Net Worth

Education & Qualification

She went to school in Bhagalpur. In 11th grade, she chose to study Science. Ever since she was little, she dreamt of becoming an actress. She went to Mount Carmel school until 12th grade. To get better at acting, she also took classes at the Shaktiman Institute.

Family, Father, and Mother

She has 2 younger sisters and a younger brother, and her dad is the head of the family. Her dad’s name is Surender Yadav, he’s a politician, a big farmer, and he helps people in the community. Her mom’s name is Bina Rai, she used to do sports when she was 19, and now she takes care of the house. In her Instagram story, she said she loves her mom a lot. One of her sisters is named Khushki Basu. They are Hindu.

Net Worth

She makes money in many different ways. She sings in videos, acts in Allu Arjun’s movies, posts videos on YouTube, appears in ads, models for brands, gets paid for appearing on TV, and promotes products. In total, she earns around 17 to 20 Lakhs each month and about 1.7 to 2 crores in a year.

Contact Number

We don’t have Sanchita Basu’s phone number. But you can reach out to her on Instagram or Facebook by sending her a message. If you need to discuss something in a formal way, you can email her at


She looks really pretty and catches people’s attention with her appearance. Many young people like how she looks, and she has lots of fans on social media. She’s about 5 feet 4 inches tall.

Sanchita Basu Age

Video Song’s

She made two music videos. One of them is called “Fire se Udana Hai.” It was released during the coronavirus pandemic to encourage people to stay strong and keep going despite the challenges. This song was released by Zee Music Company.

YouTube Channel

She’s someone who influences others on social media. Lots of people like what she posts. On Instagram, 3.9+ million people follow her, and she shares Instagram videos. On Twitter, 159.8 thousand people follow her. She also uploads short videos on YouTube. She has 2.1+ million subscribers there, and her channel’s name is Sanchita Bashu.

Monthly Income

She has a lot of different types of earrings, and she’s famous on social media and among celebrities. This means she has various opportunities like promoting brands, launching products, having a YouTube channel, or doing modeling and acting.

Also, her movies will be released soon, which shows she makes a lot of money. Her monthly income is roughly between 500,000 to 600,000 rupees.

Sanchita Basu FAQ

What is Sanchita Basu’s Background?

Sanchita Basu was born on March 24, 2003, in Bhagalpur, Bihar. She comes from a Hindu family with father, mother, two younger sisters and a younger brother.

How Did She Rise to Fame?

She gained popularity primarily through TikTok, where she amassed 2.08 million followers and 58 million likes.

What Are Her Physical Attributes?

She stands at 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 53 kilograms. She has black hair and black eyes.

What Is Her Educational Background?

She completed her schooling in Bhagalpur, opting for science in the 11th grade. She pursued her dream of acting by attending classes at the Shaktiman Institute alongside her regular studies.

How Does She Earn Money?

Her income streams include singing, acting in films, posting videos on YouTube, appearing in advertisements, modeling for brands, TV appearances, and product promotions.

How Can One Contact Her?

You can reach out to Sanchita Basu through her social media accounts like Instagram or Facebook by sending her a message. For formal communication, you can email her at

What Are Her Upcoming Projects?

She has ventured into music videos, with one titled “Fire se Udana Hai” released by Zee Music Company during the pandemic. She is also acting in movies alongside Allu Arjun, a prominent actor from South India.

What Is Her Net Worth?

Her diverse income sources contribute to an estimated net worth of approximately 17 to 20 Lakhs per month,

Does She Have a YouTube Channel?

Yes, she maintains a YouTube channel with over 203 thousand subscribers.

How Tall Is She?

She is approximately 5 feet 4 inches tall, complementing her overall appearance and contributing to her popularity among fans.

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