These Ongoing Works in Bihar Proved, “I Am Changing Bihar” Know 10 Big Projects

10 Big Ongoing Projects in Patma

Bihar: – What will Patna look like by 2024, which projects will be completed, know.

As we have seen, in the last few years, several projects have been taken up in the capital Patna, which include several overbridges, roads and multi-storey buildings to name a few. It has been reported that in the coming 1 to 2 years, work will be done on many such projects. Due to which not only the face of Patna will change but it will also make people’s life much easier than before. Let us tell you about some such schemes.

1.) Construction of Double Decker Road from Kargil Chowk to NIT Mor.

Let us tell you that according to the information received from the sources, the target is to complete the construction of 8.82 km long four-lane elevated road from Mithapur to Maholi by 2024. 60% of the work of this road to be built at a cost of about Rs.668 crores has also been completed. It is being told that after its construction there will be direct connectivity from Patna to Gaya, Gaya to Bihar Sharif, Bihar Sharif to Bakhtiyarpur, Bakhtiyarpur to Patna NH 83, NH 82 and NH 31 and NH 30.

2.) Ganga Path will be extended till Didarganj

Traffic has started from Digha to PMCH in the first phase of 20.5 km Ganga Path from Digha to Didarganj. The connection to Ashok Rajpath near LCT Ghat will be ready in two months. The elevated road will be built till Didarganj by December next year.

3.) The road at Mandiri Nala will also connect with the Ganga Path.

Under the Patna Smart City scheme, there is a plan to build roads on the drains of the city. In the first phase, a 1,289 meter two-lane road will be built on Mandiri drain at a cost of Rs. There will be footpath, vending zone, street scaping zone, green buffer zone on both sides of the road. With the construction of the road, the traffic pressure between Ashok Raj Path and Income Tax Golambar will be reduced.

4.) Academic building of PU ready with 149 crores.

A new administrative-cum-academic building will be constructed in Patna University with a cost of Rs 149 crore, the bus stop will be demolished and replaced by the new hostel of Patna College. G+ will have 9 floor administrative building and 12 floor academic building.

5.) The biggest hospital will be built in three years.

PMCH will become the largest hospital in the country and second largest in the world at a cost of Rs 5,540 crore. There will be 5462 beds in 36 super specialty buildings. Demolition of prisoner ward, superintendent residence, cottage and GNM school has started the construction of building there. In the first phase, a hospital of 2073 beds will be ready in the next three years (2025).

6.) The new airport building will be ready by 2023.

The construction of the new terminal, spread over 57,000 sq ft, at a cost of 1,216 crores, is targeted to be completed by 2023 at Patna Airport. Let us tell you that the construction of this new terminal is going on for the last 2 years. With a capacity to carry one million passengers annually, the new terminal will also have 10 parking ways, 5 airbridges, 5 state-of-the-art conveyor belts, a parking capacity of 1,000 vehicles and a spacious four-storey multi-level parking facility.

7.) This year the examination hall will be built in Kumhrar.

The construction work of the structure of the examination building of Bihar School Examination Committee in Kumhrar will be completed by the month of December. This examination building will have 3 blocks and 64 examination halls in G+5 building. Here 25 thousand students will be able to sit and take the exam simultaneously.

8.) Multi Level Parking to Patna Junction Subway

Subway is being constructed between multi level parking to Patna Junction. It will be up to 330 meters underground. Presently work is going on 110 meters surface from Multilevel Parking to Bakri Bazar. People will reach the junction directly from the subway by putting the vehicle in the parking lot.

9.) Lohia Path Chakra

Work has started on the Lohia Path Chakra from Lalit Bhavan to striking turn in Bailey Road on the lines of Netherlands on the lines of Bailey Road. Work on the project worth Rs 391.47 crore has been started. It is expected that most of the work will be completed in the next one year.

10.) Metro Rail

Elevated route will be ready By the end of this year, the elevated route from Malahi Pakari to ISBT of Metro will be made. There will be a distance of 6.6 km and there will be five stations. Many areas including Danapur to Bailey Road, Patna Junction, Gandhi Maidan, Ashok Rajpath, Bypass will be covered.

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