June 18, 2024
Top 10 Juice Brands in US

Top 10 Largest Juice Brands in United States

The juice industry in the United States is thriving, with a wide variety of brands competing for market share. In this article, we will take a deep dive into the top 10 largest juice brands in the country, exploring their origins, key products, and market presence. From well-established giants to newer players, these brands have successfully captured the attention of consumers and secured their place in the competitive juice market.

1. Snapple

  • Parent Company: Snapple Beverage Corp. (Keurig Dr Pepper Inc.)
  • Current CEO: Bob Gambort (Keurig Dr Pepper Inc.)
  • 2022 Annual Revenue: $6.61 billion
  • Website – https://www.snapple.com/

Snapple logo

Snapple, founded in 1972, initially aimed to supply fruit juices to health food stores. Over time, it expanded its product range to include teas as well. With approximately 30 different flavors available, Snapple has become synonymous with variety and quality. One interesting fact about Snapple is that its name originated from one of its early apple juice products. A batch of the juice accidentally fermented in the bottle, causing the caps to snap off, leading to the name “Snapple.”

2. Tropicana

  • Parent Company: PepsiCo/PAI Partners
  • Current CEO: Ramon Laguarta (PepsiCo)
  • 2022 Company Valuation: $3.3 billion
  • Website – https://www.tropicana.com/

tropicana logo

Tropicana, founded by Anthony T. Rossi, an Italian immigrant, gained popularity for its orange juice. Rossi’s flash pasteurization process revolutionized the industry, ensuring that Tropicana’s orange juice tasted fresh and flavorful. Additionally, Tropicana pioneered the use of refrigerated boxcars to transport orange juice, enabling wider distribution. Today, Tropicana’s flagship product, Tropicana Pure Premium, remains a favorite among consumers.

3. Simply

  • Parent Company: The Coca-Cola Company
  • Current CEO: James Quincey (The Coca-Cola Company)
  • 2022 Annual Revenue: $2 billion
  • Website – https://www.drinksimplybeverages.com/

Simply Logo

Simply, a brand created by Minute Maid (owned by The Coca-Cola Company), stands out as a newer player in the juice market. Despite its relatively young age, Simply has gained recognition for its distinctive bottle design and commitment to using not-from-concentrate juice in all its products. Simply offers a range of fruit juices, including Simply Orange and Simply Lemonade, catering to consumers looking for a refreshing and natural juice experience.

4. Minute Maid

  • Parent Company: The Coca-Cola Company
  • Current CEO: James Quincey (The Coca-Cola Company)
  • 2022 Annual Revenue: $1.1 billion
  • Website – https://www.minutemaid.com/

minute maid logo

Minute Maid, originally a subsidiary of the National Research Corporation, made a significant impact on the juice industry by introducing the first frozen orange juice concentrate. The company was acquired by The Coca-Cola Company in 1960 and expanded its product offerings beyond orange juice. Today, Minute Maid offers a wide range of juices and juice drinks, with more than 100 flavors and varieties to choose from.

5. Bolthouse Farms

  • Parent Company: Butterfly Equity
  • Current CEO: Jeff Dunn (Bolthouse Farms)
  • 2022 Annual Revenue: $1.0 billion
  • Website – https://www.bolthouse.com/

Bolthouse Logo

Bolthouse Farms, originally a carrot-growing business, has evolved into a market leader in refrigerated juices. With access to extensive growing land, Bolthouse Farms produces its fruit and vegetable ingredients, ensuring freshness and quality. The company has expanded its product line to include dressings and refrigerated beverages, catering to health-conscious consumers seeking nutritious and delicious options.

6. Florida’s Natural

  • Parent Company: Citrus World Inc.
  • Current CEO: Bob Behr (Citrus World Inc.)
  • 2021 Annual Revenue: $470 million
  • Website – https://www.floridasnatural.com/

Florida's Natural Logo

Florida’s Natural, an agricultural cooperative owned and operated by Citrus World Inc., prides itself on producing orange juice made from US-grown oranges. The cooperative, originally established in 1933, has grown into one of the largest citrus co-ops globally. Florida’s Natural made a significant shift from canned juice to fresh-squeezed orange juice in the 1960s, emphasizing the natural and authentic taste of their products.

7. Vita Coco

  • Parent Company: All Market Inc.
  • Current CEO: Michael Kirban (Vita Coco)
  • 2022 Annual Revenue: $428 million
  • Website – https://vitacoco.com/

Vita Coco Logo

Vita Coco, founded in 2004, stands out for its unique origin story. The company was born from a chance meeting between its founders and two Brazilian women in a New York bar. The women passionately spoke about “agua de coco,” or coconut water, from their home country. Inspired by this encounter, the founders saw an opportunity to fill a gap in the beverage industry and introduced Vita Coco. Today, Vita Coco remains under the ownership of its founders and continues to experience significant growth.

8. Sunny Delight Beverages Co.

  • Parent Company: Harvest Hill Beverage Company
  • Current CEO: Gav Hamm
  • 2022 Annual Revenue: $224.7 million
  • Website – https://sunnyd.com/


Sunny Delight, known for its flagship product SunnyD, entered the market in 1963 as a sweet, orange-flavored beverage. Although it doesn’t contain high amounts of fruit juice, SunnyD positioned itself as a healthier alternative to soda due to its high vitamin C content. After going through several ownership changes, Sunny Delight Beverages became its own company in 2005. Today, it is owned by Harvest Hill Beverage Company and distributed by Keurig Dr Pepper in the U.S.

9. Hawaiian Punch

  • Parent Company: Keurig Dr Pepper Inc.
  • Current CEO: Bob Gambort (Keurig Dr Pepper Inc.)
  • 2020 Annual Revenue: $213 million
  • Website – https://www.hawaiianpunch.com/

hawaiian punch logo

Hawaiian Punch, initially created as an ice cream syrup topping, gained popularity when consumers discovered its delicious taste when mixed with water. The company transitioned from syrup to a ready-to-serve beverage in the 1950s. Over the years, Hawaiian Punch became an iconic brand, known for its bold flavors and the introduction of the Punchy character. Today, Keurig Dr Pepper is the proud owner of Hawaiian Punch.

10. Naked Juice

  • Parent Company: PepsiCo
  • Current CEO: Ramon Laguarta (PepsiCo)
  • 2021 Annual Revenue: $150 million
  • Website – https://www.nakedjuice.com/

Naked Juice Logo

Naked Juice, founded in 1983, emerged from the creative experimentation of its founders, who blended fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies in Santa Monica. The brand focuses on providing 100% fruit juices and maintaining a natural and sustainable approach to sourcing and packaging. Naked Juice became a subsidiary of PepsiCo in 2006, further expanding its reach and consumer base.

In conclusion, the juice market in the United States is vibrant and diverse, with these top 10 brands leading the way. From well-established giants like Snapple and Tropicana to newer players like Simply and Vita Coco, each brand offers unique flavors and product offerings that cater to different consumer preferences. Whether you’re looking for classic orange juice or innovative fruit blends, these brands have you covered.

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