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Jayanti Khatri Lamba Biography

Jayanti Khatri Lamba Biography, Age, Husband, Qualification, Net Worth, Jenny Teacher


You’ve probably heard of Jenny Lecture, but not many know her real name. Her actual name is Jayanti Khatri Lamba.

Since 2019, she’s been running a YouTube channel called Jenny’s Lectures CS IT.

Her nickname is Jenny, and since her family calls her that, she named her channel after herself, Jenny’s Lectures CS IT.

Jayanti Khatri Lamba Vlog


Jayanti Khatri Lamba was always excellent at schoolwork. She often ranked among the top three students in her class.

She enjoyed reading a lot. After finishing high school in 2006, she went to KIIT College of Engineering in Gurgaon for her Bachelor’s degree in Engineering.

From 2006 to 2010, she excelled in her studies and earned a gold medal in B.Tech.

Later, she pursued M.Tech in Software Engineering from 2011 to 2013. In 2013, she passed the GATE exam and also succeeded in the NET exam.


Jayanthi Khatri Lamba Ma’am teaches seriously in class and has fun on Instagram.

If you want to know about her personal life, you can follow her on Instagram.

Jayanti Khatri Age

She shares a lot about her life there. Her Instagram username is JayanthiKhatrilamba. 108,000 people follow her on Instagram, and she has posted 438 times as of February 2024.

Many people on social media love and support her videos.


Jayanti Khatri Lamba was really good at studying when she was a kid. She also liked teaching other people.

That’s why she became a teacher. She started teaching when she was still in school.

She taught at the Institute Of Technology And Management from 2011 to 2013.

After finishing her M.Tech degree, she got a job at Poornima University as an Assistant Professor from August 2013 to December 2017.

She stopped working there when she got married in 2017.

Then, in January 2019, she started her own YouTube channel called Jenny’s Lectures CS IT.


Jayanti Khatri got married to Pradeep Lamba, and now her name is Jayanti Khatri Lamba.

Pradeep is very supportive and helps Jayanti a lot with her videos.

When Jayanti first started making videos, Pradeep supported and encouraged her, especially when her videos weren’t doing well.

Now, Jayanti is famous on YouTube, and Pradeep has played a big part in her success.


Jayanti Khatri Lamba uses Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. But she’s also on LinkedIn, which is a professional website.

Not many YouTubers use LinkedIn, but Jayanti does. Her LinkedIn username is Jayanti Khatri.

On LinkedIn, we can see her professional achievements, like winning a gold medal in B.Tech from KIIT college.

She later became a master software engineer and worked as an assistant professor at Poornima University in Jaipur from 2013 to 2017.

Jayanti Khatri Lamba knows a lot about coding.

She’s really good at C, C++, HTML, Performance Computing, and other languages.

If you want to learn coding from her, you can check out her YouTube channel.


People want to know how old Jayanti Khatri Lamba is. Let’s talk more about her.

She began studying engineering in 2006, when she was 18 years old, which means she was born in 1988.

Jayanti Khatri Instagram

Despite being 34 years old now, she looks much younger.

You wouldn’t guess her age by looking at her.

She stays healthy by doing exercise and yoga, and she watches what she eats and drinks.

Jayanti Khatri Lamba Vlog

Jayanti Khatri Lamba’s YouTube channel is called “Jenny’s Lectures CS IT.” On this channel, she posts educational videos teaching coding languages such as Python, C++, and programming C.

She began her channel on January 20, 2019. At first, her videos didn’t get many views, but over time, more people started watching them, and she became popular on YouTube and social media.

Her vlogs have received 120 million views. Jayanti Khatri Lamba enjoys making learning fun.

Jenny’s Lectures java

Jenny’s ma’am knows a lot about Java. She makes videos that teach Java in a fun way. People who watch her videos get more excited about learning Java.


Jayanti Khatri Lamba got married on May 22, 2017. Her husband is named Pradeep Lamba.

In 2024, they will be married for 7 years.

They have a son named Viansh. Jayanti shares Viansh’s photos on YouTube and Instagram. Viansh was born in 2021.

Jayanti is happy with her marriage. She also sometimes posts pictures of her mother-in-law on Instagram.

Interesting Facts

Did you know something cool about Jayanti Khatri Lamba?

She got a gold medal during her B.Tech studies.

Also, she got a silver award from YouTube for reaching 100,000 subscribers and a gold award for hitting 1 million subscribers in January 2023.


What is Jayanti Khatri Lamba’s YouTube channel called, and when did she start it?

Her YouTube channel is called “Jenny’s Lectures CS IT.” She started it on January 20, 2019.

What is Jayanti Khatri Lamba’s educational background?

She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from KIIT College of Engineering in Gurgaon, where she earned a gold medal in B.Tech.

How did Jayanti Khatri Lamba gain popularity on social media?

She gained popularity through her educational videos teaching coding languages like Python, C++, and Java, posted on her YouTube channel, “Jenny’s Lectures CS IT.”

What role did Jayanti’s husband, Pradeep Lamba, play in her YouTube career?

Pradeep Lamba has been very supportive of Jayanti’s YouTube career.

Which social media platforms does Jayanti Khatri Lamba actively use, besides YouTube?

Besides YouTube, Jayanti is active on Instagram, where she shares insights into her personal life.

What languages is Jayanti Khatri Lamba proficient in?

She is proficient in coding languages like C, C++, HTML, and Performance Computing, among others.

How old is Jayanti Khatri Lamba, and how does she maintain her youthful appearance?

She was born in 1988, making her 34 years old. Despite her age, she maintains a youthful appearance through exercise, yoga, and mindful eating habits.

What achievements has Jayanti Khatri Lamba received from YouTube?

She received a silver award from YouTube for reaching 100,000 subscribers and a gold award for hitting 1 million subscribers in January 2023.

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