5 Beneficial effects of Music in the Morning


5 beneficial effects of music in the morning

As you already know, listening to melodies and sounds influences our psycho-physical state. It can have stimulating or relaxing effects on our mood, starting from here today we will discover the 5 beneficial effects of music and why music is a panacea for the morning.
The term Power Music we use to indicate an adrenaline-pumping song that “pushes”, that is characterized by high BPM (beats per minute), a bit like “Running to Rock”, the most followed playlist on Spotify is now common between 170 and 190 BPM.

In fact, in the morning we recommend that you choose this type of music because the high BPM significantly increases the level of excitement and good mood, so it is the best way to start the day.

Music, a “legal drug”:

Don’t be scared, we don’t say it, says  University in London, in fact he believes that listening to music is a type of “legal drug” that improves performance. You can try musical instrument for better effect

He has also studied the bio-hacking skills (i.e. positively influencing our functioning, because it is better to improve health in a preventive form rather than fight with possible future diseases) of music on performance for more than 20 years and is one of the leading world experts in the psychology of music in physical exercise.

Music tunes your Mood:

Music, or rather the sound waves that our hearing perceives in the brain are converted into electro chemical nerve signals, sharp and loud sounds activate the brain to release cortisol, increase heart rate and trigger a “fight or flight” response, ideal situation within 30 min. from waking up, so not only high BPM, but high volume.

Fight stress by choosing the right BPM:

Music can reduce stress and positively affect your body in various ways. The slower a song is, the more likely you are to have deeper breathing, lower blood pressure, and lower heart rate. Faster music has the opposite effect: pumping up your vital signs and pushing you to move, what you need in the morning.

The 5 beneficial Effects of Music:

We got to the point of our article, music is a cure-all in the morning, but what are its beneficial effects? Let’s find out together

1. Increase Happiness:

This might seem obvious, but the natural chemical process that takes place is pretty amazing.

If you need an emotional boost, just listen to 15 minutes of your favorite tunes to get a natural “high”. This is because your brain releases endorphins and dopamine, neurotransmitters that lead to greater feelings of happiness, excitement and joy when you listen to the music you like.

2. Improve physical performance:

Music improves physical performance (with a so-called ergogenic effect), reduces perceived effort and increases physiological efficiency.

Performance improvement has been demonstrated on both aerobic (eg running, cycling, elliptical) and anaerobic (eg weight lifting, Wingate test) activities.

3. Improve cognitive performance:

Music and also light act as psychoactive substances, improving cognitive ability, especially in favor of learning and memory, but also on a wide variety of cognitive factors.

I’ll tell you a secret: singing your favorite song helps your brain function. So after you get out of bed, jump in the shower and organize a concert!

4. Strengthens the immune system:

Music has been shown to improve immune parameters and effectively reverse the negative effects of stress on the number and capacity of lymphocytes needed for an optimal immune response against disease.

5. Increase energy readiness:

A recent Australian study found that certain sounds can decrease morning dizziness, also called perceived sleep inertia, so you wake up faster and feel more alert.

Songs with rhythmic melodies seem to have an energizing effect, “increasing arousal, cognition and attention”, which helps you feel less groggy upon awakening.

The right music for every occasion:

We want to end this article by giving you some practical indications (of the BPM ranges) to choose the ideal music in the various moments of your morning routine, it is clear we do not recommend which songs or artists to listen to, but only which type of songs is more suitable.

Get up and turn off: Many people use their favorite song by setting it as their wake up call in the morning. Do it too, choose a bright and lively melody, no lower than 120 BPM, to wake up on the right foot every day.

Sweat: Nothing gets your blood pumping like a custom workout playlist. Even if every workout routine is different, always choose songs between 120 and 160 BPM because remember: more movement = more performance.

Breathe Deep: Like the creative flow, sweet melodies around 50-80 BPM can induce a meditative state. Find instrumental music that relaxes you. Clear your mind and focus on measured breathing to slow down your thoughts.

What you have just read are our tips for setting up your morning music routine at its best, but we want to do more, in fact, below is our last bonus tip for the evening:

Sweet dreams: music around 60 BPM can induce alpha brain waves, ideal for relaxing and sleeping after listening to such songs for about 45 minutes. Listen to the right soundtracks to enjoy a stress-free sleep.


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