May 26, 2024
Ways to Fix Your Chipped Cracked or Broken Tooth

5 Ways to Fix Your Chipped, Cracked or Broken Tooth

There is nothing worse than losing the ability to smile confidently because of missing or chipped teeth. Fortunately, a cosmetic dentist can help you rescue yourself from a lifetime of being self-conscious with your smile.

Cosmetic dentists are currently the best thing around when it comes to physical reconstruction. And it’s about time that the value of a great smile is being noted. Having perfect skin and the perfect figure isn’t enough anymore, it has become an obsession to have perfect teeth now. No more so than for those who have careers that involve conversing with others. An amazing smile gives off the impression of dependability and trustworthiness because they’re seen to be looking after themselves, various studies have proved this.

Before the boom of cosmetic dentistry, people would accept teeth loss due to fights, accidents, and disease as inevitable. Nowadays there are plenty of ways men and women can win back their amazing smiles and go back to their old confident selves.

Many ways are missing and damaged teeth can be restored, the procedure can be done so well that you can’t tell the difference between naturally perfect teeth. With today’s technology, you can now individually fix and repair each tooth, tailored to the damage related to that particular tooth.

Crowns and tooth cracks

One of the latest ways to fix cracked teeth is by fitting a dental crown. Cracked teeth are typically a result of tooth decay, grinding, and sometimes just by accident. The crown is installed right on top of the cracked tooth to cover it up and hold the tooth together. These crowns can be used on almost any broken tooth, they’re custom-made for each tooth and are very seldom noticed.

Inlays and tooth decay

An inlay is a very reliant treatment that helps restore any delicate and decaying teeth. Normally they’re used to repair decaying front teeth as these are visible when you smile or talk. Inlays are bonded to the affected teeth to reduce any structural damage in the tooth and to fill out the decayed areas.

Bonding and stained teeth

Sometimes in cosmetic dentistry, stains on teeth don’t respond well to brushing or whitening procedures. One of the alternatives is a bonding treatment which can help brighten up your smile. Dental bonding is a natural tooth-colored composite that is used to fill over the damaged tooth to make it look like a perfectly smooth tooth again. It is designed to fit the tooth perfectly while covering the flaw up at the same time.

Veneers and uneven teeth

Normally dental veneers help large gaps in teeth or just unevenly spaced teeth. They’re designed to cover the entire tooth and are made from porcelain or composite resin. They’re especially helpful in discoloration of teeth, covering up any cracks and filling in big gaps between teeth. Veneers make dental surgery unnecessary as they help protect the surface of the damaged tooth. At the moment veneers are more expensive than dental bonding, however, they can still give you a complete makeover to make your smile perfect.

Dental implants and missing teeth

A dental implant is a replacement for your lost tooth. These implants are directly inserted into the gum structure and are sometimes used as a dental bridge support. Each implant procedure is selected and designed to look like your own natural teeth. Reduced jawbone loss is another benefit of these implants.

The techniques and technology used in cosmetic dentistry are constantly improving. This is making procedures less costly, painful, and less invasive. Also, cosmetic dentists are getting more adept at these procedures due to the increased business they’re getting. Make a dentist appointment in Ahmedabad today and put an end to these problems.

Cosmetic dentistry offers a range of treatments aimed at enhancing smiles and improving dental aesthetics, providing patients with newfound confidence and a brighter, more captivating grin.


Dr. Jaimin Patel, is chief dental Implantologist & cosmetic dentist at 32 Pearls Dental Clinic & Implant Centre in Ahmedabad. Dr. Patel has experience of more than 5000 successful dental Implants. He is CANON certified Digital Dental Photographer.

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