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6 Gum-Healthy Foods to Maintain Oral Hygiene

Oral health is one of the most crucial aspects of the overall health and gums are said to be the unsung heroes of the mouth who combat against the bacteria and protect and secure the teeth apart from the oral bones.

While a lot of attention is paid to the teeth and we go the extra mile to take care of the teeth, we often end up ignoring the gums.

The gums are one of the most vital soft tissue linings of the mouth as well as that of the entire body and are quite sensitive. If not taken care of well, the gums can give rise to a lot of issues like gingivitis which in turn is related to diabetes, oral infections and much more.

Like the diet, that we adhere to, has a great impact on the overall health of the body, it can also help with the upkeep of the gums.

That is why to help you with the procedure, here are some of the foods that can enhance the strength and the health of the gums. Just take a look.

  • Leafy Greens – The vegetables like the spinach and the kale are filled with the mouth-healthy minerals and vitamins to the brim. They especially hold vitamin C that reduces the risk of inflammation and enhances the production of the red blood cells. These minerals and vitamins battle against the gum ailment and the accompanying irritation. Thanks to the high fiber content, the leafy greens call for more chewing. This is great for the gums as saliva is created by more chewing. This helps in removing the particles from the mouth along with plaque and bacteria that can be adhering the teeth near the gums. So you should always include more veggies in your diet. You can try that by adding them as salads and as cooked dishes and by including them in sandwiches and soups.

  • Apples – The apples happen to be full of fibres and that can act as a cleansing agent. Saliva production is boosted by the malic acid which is contained in the apples. This helps in the bacteria removal from the mouth. The health of the gums is also improved by the fibrous texture of the gums.

  • Onions –One food that has proven to be greatly beneficial for the gums is the onion. The onions come with the microbial properties that target the common bacteria types which lead to the cavities and the gum ailment. So you should include more onions into the meals in sandwiches, as salad toppings, in burgers, in stir fries and in sandwiches, stews, soups and chillies.

  • Nuts and Seeds – The seeds and the nuts happen to be a bit abrasive texture-wise and they help in removing the stains and plaque from the teeth. The flax and the walnuts contain the omega-3 fatty acids and they can assist in reducing the chance of gum ailment which can damage the teeth.

  • Milk, Cheese and Yoghurt – The dairy products are great for the teeth as they are enriched with calcium that is known for its bone-strengthening properties but is also quite beneficial for the gums. This is because of a protein called casein that is found in a majority of the dairy products which help to neutralise the acids generated by the bacteria within the mouth. These bacteria can destroy both the gum tissue as well as the enamel of the teeth which give rise to irritation and much more. That is why go for the healthy dairy products in your diet by having snacks like cheese or yoghurt and drinking a cup of milk daily.

  • Shiitake Mushrooms – The lentinan happens to be an antibacterial compound and you will find abundantly in the shiitake mushrooms. This restricts and combats the plaque-building bacteria in the mouth. This type of bacteria breeds in the difficult to reach the places in the mouth like along the gumline and between the teeth. This results in irritation. Gum disease and gingivitis can be caused because of that. You can incorporate this type of mushroom in your diet in a variety of ways like chopping and adding them to the vegetable dishes that you prepare or having them as a side dish.

The above are some of the gum-healthy foods that you should incorporate in your diet for taking care of your mouth. These are suggested by the reputed and experienced dentists of a renowned dental clinic in South Delhi which is known for its superior and upgraded treatment procedures at affordable prices.

Neer Tiwari is a passionate social worker and blogger who has dedicated his mind and soul for bringing healing and standing by anyone who needs it. He has touched many lives throughout the years and has left no stones unturned in changing them for the better.

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