June 18, 2024

A Complete Guide about Apostille Services in Delhi

Apostille is a term you come across when you are planning to live, travel, study, marry or buy some property in some foreign countries especially the countries of Hague convention. Apparently these legal jargons seems hefty and associated with a lot of cumbersome protocols. However with a full understanding of the official protocol walking through these cumbersome process becomes a cake walk.

What Does Apostille Service Mean?

In simple terms Apostille is a process of getting a legal certification that all official or copied documents are legal accepted in countries which allows Apostille stamps. It is generally the public documents which needs to be authenticated through Apostille stamps.

When Are Apostille Stamps Required?

Apostille stamps are proof of authentication for only those countries who are a member of the Apostille Convention. At present there are 105 member countries of the Apostille Convention. Remember that any document which has been Apostille stamped by a member country will be acceptable to all the other 104 member countries. Now, as of 2005 as India has become a signatory of the Apostille Convention, there has developed various Apostille services in Delhi who with their extremely professional team walks you through the entire process.

What Are The Eligible Documents For Apostille Attestation?

On the legal grounds there are essentially four different categories of documents that are eligible for Apostille attestation.

  • Any kind of court documents
  • Any kind of administrative documents
  • Any kind of documents which has been signed by solicitor or notarial documents
  • Other official certificates

The document list also includes various degrees, transcripts, certificates, work permit issued by various universities, institutions, offices or other allied agencies. In case any company is looking for opening any branch in any foreign countries Apostille stamped documents are needed.

What Is The Process?

Apostille is a particular way of getting your documents attested. Although the process is delicate and has lot of legalities involved if you are with professional services offering documents and degree attestation in Delhi it just takes a matter of few days to get your documents ready. Here’s a brief walk through

  1. Getting E-Sanad

This is the electronic mediated service for verification and attestation of documents. However remember that this e-sanad protocol is strictly for Indian citizens

  1. Attestation of documents which are not covered under the aforementioned

To get it stamped

  1. For this the applicant must go to regional authentication centers
  • personal documents go to the home or administration department of your state or union territory
  • Educational documents go to the educational department of your state or union territory
  • commercial documents go to the respective chamber of commerce
  1. Next deposit all your verified documents to the nearest outsourced agency
  2. Now the outsourced agency will forward your documents to the branch secretariat or RPOs who have jurisdiction over
  3. Once the documents are duly stamped and legalized the outsourced agency will receive it and will be handed over to you

The process although simple can be cumbersome if you cannot produce the correct set of documents. So get your documents all ready and visit over to the agency for getting attested

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