A Memorable Tour Visiting Mughal Marvels



The best tours aren’t long but ones that give you a bag full of memories even in a short period of time. Read about a remarkable 2 days long tour that is hard to forget.

Cities that have been ruled by Mughal emperors in the past have a rich cultural and architectural legacy that is so very fascinating to explore. Most of India’s opulent structures are a product of the Mughal rule in India and it is these structures that appeal to globetrotters. We decided to explore Agra, which was once a provincial capital of Mughal India, to get acquainted with its rich history and witness the ravishing beauty of its architecture. We chose one fun option from an array of Agra tour packages that we found online and what followed was an unforgettable experience. Read to know.

A road trip leading to the Seventh Wonder of the World

We booked a 2 days private Taj Mahal tour online but it wasn’t only about the Taj. Over the course of these 2 days, we were introduced to some of the most fascinating structures built during the Mughal rule in India that are a beautiful example of their affluence. The tour began at 7 in the morning when we were picked up from Delhi in a car and driven to Agra. The 4 hours long road-trip was definitely very exciting. On reaching Agra, the first thing we did was to visit the magnificent Taj Mahal. For some of us, who were seeing the marvel for the first time, the experience was absolutely euphoric! To see the pristine white mausoleum standing tall before us, emitting its radiant beauty all around was definitely a sight to behold. After exploring the complex and savoring its architectural beauty, it was time to satiate our hunger with a nice meal so off we went…

And a little more of Mughal opulence…

After relishing a tempting Mughlai lunch at a local restaurant, we were taken to the next stop in our Agra sightseeing tour package i.e. Agra Fort. The massive complex also happens to be a celebrated UNESCO World Heritage Site and was once the royal residence of the Mughals. The beauty constructed with red sandstone and adorned with intricate white-marble work was a captivating sight, for sure. Inside the fort, we witnessed a number of beautiful constructions like the gorgeous Shish Mahal whose glass-mosaic work on its ceiling and walls would make anyone fall in love with that glistening beauty. Having absorbed the magnificence of the grand structure, we went to the marble factory and after exploring the local markets we were dropped to our hotel to recuperate for the next day’s shenanigans.

Mughal opulence

Entering through the highest gateway in the world!

The next morning began with a scrumptious breakfast at the hotel and then we were driven by our driver for the last leg of our tour package. The car stopped in front of a gigantic Mughal-style door that looked absolutely breathtaking! It was the Buland Darwaza which is the highest gateway in the world and making our way through that enormous gate we entered Fatehpur Sikri. Inside Sikri, the gorgeous palaces of Akbar’s wives and the tomb of Saint Salim Chisti turned out to be major attractions that are undoubtedly some of the most popular places to visit in Agra. Towards the end of the day’s excursions, we realized that the eventful tour is approaching its end. After a drive back to Delhi, the tour concluded and all of us agreed that the Mughal marvels we visited were indeed exquisite specimens of India’s glorious past that would continue to charm travelers for years to come!

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