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Add a Touch of Magic to Life’s Special Events

Whether it is life’s special moments or a big corporate extravaganza the emphasis is on making it grand and special.  There are many things that one can have on such special occasions. This can be from musical shows to special artistic performances. But are you one of those who like to do things differently? Are you the one for whom every special celebration has to be like a magical fairytale? Then you need an action-packed magical show!


No we are not talking about kiddie shows!

Magic enthrals all age groups! But when we talk about magic shows on events you are bound to think about “aabra ka daabra” magicians. But now a day’s magic shows are much more mind boggling than you could ever imagine. This is an era of digital magicians who perform white collar tricks like creative appearances, levitation, mind-reading, disappearance, mind illusions and much more. Whether it is product promotions or creative product launches these magical performers can literally add a whole new magical dimension to your corporate or any other event which needs to be celebrated with pomp and grace and with a difference.

Rahul Kharbanda- Illusionist with a difference:

Now for the million dollar question! Finding the right illusionists who with their prolific performances can live up to your great expectations! There is only one man who can do this! One and only Rahul Kharbanda! Magic runs in his blood and his magical platter consist of an array of things which can surely add lots of colour to any event. An MBA in International business, Rahul is known for his chic magical performances which leave audiences spellbound. He has given a number of live shows in different continents. His name has also been added to the GUINNESS Book of WORLD RECORDs. All his acts are originally created and conceptualised. All his acts are a perfect blend of magic and technology. This he has again proved from his latest and famous iPad screen act. He has performed at events of some of the biggest Corporates like Hewlett Packard, HSBC, Samgung, State Bank of India and many more. He loves to bring audiences closer to magic and hence he has no inhibitions in sharing some of his magical secrets with the audiences. This man is associated with some of the most amazing talents not just from India but from across the globe.

So is there an impending important event just round the corner for which you need a really miraculous act? Then you must opt for this modern, trend setting digital magician from India who has an international audience. Rahul Kharbanda will surely make your event out of the world with his original magic performances.

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