June 19, 2024
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All You Need To Know About HPMC Capsules

In today’s time, chewable as well as traditional tablets are slowly getting swapped by capsules, mainly the vegetarian hydroxypropyl methylcellulose capsules. Due to their plant-based origin, people have now started preferringHPMC Capsulesover gelatin capsule. These capsules are known for their non-GMO nature, while they are completely free from allergens, gluten, preservatives as well as starch.

HPMC capsules are one of the safe drugs for human consumption as well as a great alternative for gelatin capsules due to the vegetable source. You can easily buy HPMC capsules from Sunil healthcare who is a knownCapsule Manufacturer. These capsules are considered as the perfect alternative for people who do not eat animal products strictly.

These capsules are easy to swallow because the taste and smell of the inner active ingredients are properly masked. HPMC capsules are considered as one of the natural as well as an organic alternative for supplying drugs into your body. These capsules have certain ingredients that assist in contributing to delaying the disintegration. HPMC capsules can easily be stored for a long time without the fear of any bacterial growth on it.

These capsules come with moisture content that help in maintaining the integrity of the inner active ingredients present inside the capsules. If you follow strict religious diet then these capsules are best and ideal for you. You can easily dissolve these capsules in diverse solutions at varying temperature because they come with flexible film. Therefore, HPMC capsules have a polymer which is completely free from amino acids due to which they do not exhibit any cross-linking problems.

HPMC capsules are known to provide a major benefit over other dosage forms due to their low moisture content. Not only this, HPMC capsules are known to enhance the process of encapsulation as well as the packaging of probiotics.

Ingredients used for preparing HPMC capsules

HPMC capsules are prepared using different ingredients such as Hypromellose, Water, Food additives like gellan and pullulan gum, sweeteners like sorbitol, sodium laurel sulphate, artificial colourants as well as carrageenan.

How do HPMC capsules work?

These capsules are known to function in your body by putrefying the active medicinal product at the target spot. This capsule immediately goes to your stomach the moment you swallow it. Don’t worry this capsule is not going to stick on your oesophagus because it is moist enough to glide immediately to the stomach.

It starts mixing with the dissolution media present in your stomach once it reaches your stomach. HPMC capsule takes the time of at least 4 minutes to split inside your stomach. Since your stomach is known to possess acidic condition due to which this capsule will not break in the stomach. It will pass straight to the upper intestine or duodenum where the pH level is higher. Therefore, once the HPMC capsule gets dissolve it starts curing your problem effectively.

There might be chances that HPMC capsule cause some side effects such as blurred vision, redness in the eye, loss of vision in the extreme case and eye sensitivity. If you come across any of these side effects contact your doctor once.

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