June 19, 2024

25+ Attitude Quotes For Boys To Read

These are attitude quotes for boys:-

  • A female will be your supporter, worst enemy, or your worst nightmare. It all depends on how you treat her.
  • It’s funny how girls run from the guy who attempt to make them happy, and fight for those that make them cry.
  • One day you’ll realize, all the love that I gave to you is now being given to some other person.
  • Girls are funny creatures. They hate it once you ask their age, but will kill you if you forget their birthday’s .
  • Girls biggest lie: I’m OK.
  • Best line which facilitate your save cash when occurring restaurants together with your girlfriend – So what’s you eat Fatty?
  • Some words of recommendation to men: Treat women the identical way you’d want your daughter to be treated.
  • A man is rarely careful until he buys a replacement car and a white shirt.
  • you’ll never loose women by chasing money. But you’ll loose money by chasing women.
  • I know I’m awesome so i do not care about your opinion.
  • Guys haven’t any idea how long something they said can stay in an exceedingly girl’s mind.
  • Hey Girls, I’m Mr Right. Someone said you were searching for me?
  • Guys: When she’s not yours, you’ll do everything you’ll be able to to urge her. But once you do have her, you’re taking everything without any consideration.
  • I need no reason to like you, but i want thousands of reasons to depart you.
  • Today I discovered a book that said: ‘All the items men comprehend woman’, it absolutely was blank inside.
  • It’s my life, so keep your smell out of it.
  • Never underestimate a girl’s ability to seek out things out.
  • Treat your girlfriend right, or some other person will.
  • I’m a boy. i do not smoke, drink, or party every weekend. i do not sleep around or start drama to urge attention. Yes, we still do exist.
  • Ladies: a true man won’t send you mixed signals, because a true man knows what he wants.

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Boys status in English for Facebook and WhatsApp

  • Hey Girls, I’m Mr. Right. Someone said you were searching for me? .
  • Silence is that the best response to a fool.
  • Boys are great, every girl should have one.
  • Boys lie more, but girls lie better.
  • Please do not get confused between my attitude personality.
  • Guys, if she worries about you, she cares. But when she stops caring, that’s after you should be worried.
  • It’s not my attitude, it’s my style.
  • I forgive but I always remember.
  • Dear girls, don’t flatter yourself. I sent you a disciple request, not a marriage proposal.
  • The secret of being an excellent man = having an excellent woman who supports you all the time.
  • Don’t take an excessive amount of time to text her back. It makes her feel you’re reprehension someone more important than her.
  • Boys never realize what quantity one little thing can hurt a lady.
  • Hate girls except the girl reading this.
  • Girls need a lot of things from one guy. Conversely, guys want one thing from plenty of ladies.
  • When guys get jealous, it’s actually kinda cute. When girls get jealous, war III is on the brink of start.
  • I universe, 8 planets, 192 countries, 189, 497 islands, 85 seas, 7 billion people & I’m still single.
  • When a boyfriend brings his girlfriend flowers for no reason, there is a reason.
  • it’s Very easy to sacrifice for a woman , but it’s difficult to search out a lady deserve sacrificing.
  • I-L-O-V-E-Y-O-U has eight letters, but baby, so does B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T.
  • Girl’s biggest lie: I’m OK.
  • Top Boys status for FB in English
    Women have an amazingly mysterious ability of communication. They listen half, understand quarter but can tell double.
  • Wouldn’t or not it’s good if Ctrl+Alt+Del worked for ex girlfriend.
  • 3 dreams of a man: To be as handsome as his mother thinks.To be as rich as his child believes.To have as many ladies as his wife suspects.
  • Three words a boyfriend will never heard from his girlfriend – ‘You Are Right’.
  • When girls get jealous, it’s normal. But, when boys get jealous, lucky the girl he loves.
  • I may be fat, but you’re ugly – I can thin.
  • Best line which facilitate your economize when happening restaurents along with your girlfriend – So what’s you gonna eat Fatty ??

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Quotes For Boys

  • Men hang around in bars for one among two reasons: Either they need no wife to travel home to, or they do.
  • Make your girlfriend happy by telling those 3 words every girl likes to hear ‘Here’s my Wallet’.
  • Any woman can drive you crazy when you’re together with her. Find the girl who drives you crazy being without her.
  • My girlfriend says that I treat her sort of a child, So I gave her a sticker for standing up for her self.
  • Girls are like phones. They like to be held, talked too but if you press the incorrect button you will be disconnected.
  • Words that spoiled many boys’ life, ‘Dude she’s gazing you. ‘.
  • Ladkiya university se “Degree” ke saath “Bhabhi” ka khitab bhi le kar nikalti hain.
  • Why’s NASA never sent a girl to the Moon? Because it doesn’t need cleaning yet.
  • Dear Good Boys, don’t worry having no girlfriend now. Remember, bad boys will always have the simplest girlfriend but they’ll never have the simplest wife.
  • I am a hot dude with a cool attitude.
  • A man’s biggest mistake is giving another man a chance to form his woman smile.
  • A naughty thought each day keeps the strain away.
  • it’s Very easy to sacrifice for a lady, but it’s difficult to search out a woman deserve sacrificing.
  • Worlds Shortest Joke: 2 women were sitting quietly.
  • Always trying to cool down my-self.
  • Girls don’t need conjure to seem pretty for a bloke. Is it true?
  • Never underestimate the facility of a lady.


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