May 26, 2024
Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs Are Cunning Late-Night Micro Terrorists Searching For Human Blood

Bed bugs are bloodthirsty, relentless and omnipresent types of nocturnal pests with a voracious appetite for human blood. These micro terrorists are cunning and seek their nourishment in the wee hours of the morning when their human prey is fast asleep and unaware of their feeding frenzy and clandestine movements.

They are no longer confined to the bedroom mattresses of rundown, squalor plagued tenement dwellings. These pesky critters roam freely and breed easily in college dorms, darkened movie theatres, prestigious boardrooms and unfortunately any nook and cranny that will afford them momentary protection from the prying eyes of the general public and of course exterminators.

Late-Night Micro Terrorists

Experts believe that the unusually hot weather the country has been experiencing this season provides the ideal breeding conditions for the bugs. And so from coast to coast they are being discovered in offices, restaurants, and even the workplace. The pest control experts at Orkin Pest Control Services noted that bed bugs these days are making their migratory moves among commercial properties.

Bed bugs are the size of an apple seed and have the color of a cockroach. They are easy to transport and very difficult to get rid of. They can travel in your luggage, your clothing, shoes or duffel bag. They are very sneaky and can easily hide in crevices and creases, curtain pleats, behind loose wallpaper, electrical switch plates, picture frames and other places you normally would not expect to search behind.

They are doing what all insect populations naturally do and that is reproduced by the billions. They are an equal opportunity pest only interested in the blood in your veins. High rise dweller or slum resident all provide a nourishing meal for them.

Scientifically known as cimex lectularius, bed bugs are wingless and have a brownish ultra-thin body. They are not known to transmit diseases like mosquitoes and rats. They are a major nuisance and, in some cases, will cause allergic reactions in humans.

(1) They can become so numerous that sometimes at night they can move in swarms.

They are considered to be one of the worst pests around. When they are finally discovered their infestation has already taken root. Throughout Asia, Africa, South America, and Europe they still exist as a problem. These oval-shaped blood-sucking insects about a half-centimeter long become a threat when they begin their insatiable search for blood.

Although they are a major nuisance to anyone trying to get a good night sleep, they, like lice, are not caused by filth or even poor sanitary conditions. Specialists dealing with the bug assert that this is the ideal time of year for them to become prevalent but as the weather becomes cooler their now burgeoning population rate will diminish.

Keep in mind that bed bugs are not as omnipresent as dust mites. Although they are large enough to be seen with the human eye seeing a live one may be unlikely. However, seeing a dead one is the first sign that they are present in your immediate area.

(2) We are all somewhat potential victims of this nocturnal threat and should try to minimize our exposure to them. If you plan a vacation stay at a hotel or motel try to avoid placing your suitcase on the bed or the floor. Use portable luggage stands provided by the hotel or motel.

Inspect your mattress and box spring for any signs of infestation. Rotate your mattress periodically and vacuum the box spring and the mattress often. Try to maintain a vigilant watch around your home for any signs of an impending infestation.

Avoid buying second-hand mattresses and box springs that could harbor this invisible threat. Take infested mattresses to the dump rather than leaving them by the side of the road. Remember that these readily mobile insects can relocate easily.

Finally, call a professional exterminator if your home or apartment is infested and seek their advice as to what to do next. Several exterminators are using a high-temperature steam approach to rid a dwelling of the pests. A system of hoses is spread throughout the residence and high-temperature steam introduced throughout the entire residence. For more info or advice go to GC PEST CONTROL.

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