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Best Apps to Keep Tabs on Kids’ Online & Offline Activities

The commonness of mobile phones and the internet has exposed our teens and tweens to the dangers of cyberbullying, scamming, sexting and child predation. The younger children spend almost seven hours a day using their electronic devices and communicating with their fellows. The more they use cell phones, the more they are likely to experience harassment, depression and many other physical and psychological risks. Parents are needed to protect their children from the menaces of digital technologies by supervising their online and offline activities performed on cell phones. We have rounded up here best cell phone spy apps that enable parents to keep tabs on the mobile phone use of their teens and tweens.

TheOneSpy Cell Phone Tracking App

TheOneSpy is a popular cell phone spying app that offers some of the most high-tech features enabling the user to take hold of the targeted cell phone. The spy app lets you track and control cell phones of your children via online spy app portal. It creates an online backup of data secretly fetched from the targeted smartphone which include text messages, call history, contacts, emails, instant messages, multimedia messages, location history, internet browsing history, media files and much more.

Moreover, the cell phone surveillance software lets you monitor real-time, online and offline cell phone activities with its most advanced spy features. It is one of the spy apps that allow spying on social media apps. You can spy on Facebook messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Skype and many other instant and social messengers. The messages exchanged via these social apps can be read through the online portal of the spyware app.

OgyMogy App

OgyMogy is a cell phone and PC monitoring software that enables parents to monitor and manage the devices of their children without letting them know. The software offers a broad range of features enabling the end-user to keep tabs on online and offline activities performed on the monitored device. It offers tracking of messages, phone calls, emails, photos, videos, contacts, GPS location, keylogs and much more.

The high-tech features include monitoring of social and instant messengers such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Line, Viber, Tumblr, Snapchat and Instagram. Moreover, it offers spy 360 to monitor real-time activities performed on monitored device live. The end-user can record screen of the monitored cell phone anytime with a single command sent via online portal of the spy software.

MMGuardian Monitoring App

MMGuardian is one of the trusted cell phone monitoring apps that also acts as a parental control app. It is compatible with Android mobile phones and allows tracking messages and phone calls made and received via monitored Android smartphone. The monitoring app enables parents to protect their children from bullying, child predation and sexting by blocking incoming messages and phone calls from annoying and unwanted numbers.

The cell phone monitoring app lets you monitor and control the internet usage of your children. You can get access to the internet browsing history of their phones to know which websites they visit. The spy app lets you block your kids’ access to age-inappropriate and objectionable websites by blocking off age websites or categories. The cell phone parental control app also allows setting screen time limits to prevent kids from unneeded use of mobile phones.

The Phone Sherrif

The Phone Sherrif is one of the top-notch cell phone spy apps rightly available in the spy market. It offers all traditional features of a cell phone monitoring and tracking app. It allows tracking and blocking messages and phone calls. You can block websites and applications to keep your kids from visiting or using age-inappropriate web pages and apps. The spy app lets you set screen time limits of your kids’ mobile phone. If you want your kids not to use their phones after an hour, the spy app will shut down or lock their phones exactly after an hour.


The last on our list of best cell phone spy apps in 2019 is MobiStealth. It is another reliable and feature-rich spy application that allows supervising the cell phone activities of children. It tracks messages, phone calls, contacts, photos, videos and internet browsing history of kids’ cell phones. Parents can get access to the data fetched from the monitored cell phone via online portal of spyware app.

That is not all. The cell phone surveillance app lets you monitor instant messaging apps being used by your kids. It lets you spy on one-on-one and group chats made via WhatsApp, Line, Kik, Viber and Skype. The spy app is compatible with mobile phones running Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Symbian Operating system.

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