5 Best Cities to Buy Pure Cotton Fabrics and Other Fabric Materials Online in India

Pure Cotton Fabrics and Other Fabric Materials

Cotton is an organic fabric that is widely used around the world. Fibres from cotton plants produce cotton fabric, which is like a fluffy and round structure surrounding mature seeds. Cotton is the best dress material in hot and humid areas such as the Indian subcontinent due to its skin-friendly properties. Cotton fabric is highly versatile, relatively affordable, durable, and breathable in nature.

5 Best States In India To Buy Pure Cotton Fabrics

  1. Tamil Nadu: This state has a great textile industry, and it is a great place to market different types of rich textiles. You can find a huge variety ranging from strong leather to pure silks to beautiful satins. The state is most popular for its 100% pure cotton and silk textiles. Madurai produces beautiful pure cotton block printed sarees called Sungundi sarees. Kovai Kora cotton is a popular traditional type of sari made in the region of Coimbatore. This saree is a blend of superior quality silk and pure cotton. Chettinad cotton saris, also known as the Kandaangi saris, are the signature pieces of the Devanga Chettiyars residing in Tamil Nadu. This saree is popular for absorbing sweat and heat during hot and humid temperatures.
  1. Madhya Pradesh: Maheshwari Silk, Chanderi, and cotton clothes are the specialties of Madhya Pradesh. Maheshwar is a city in the Khargone district of Madhya Pradesh and is the home of India’s finest handloom fabric traditions. Maheshwar is known for its beautiful saris and high-quality fabrics. Cotton fabric is woven into distinct patterns like floral borders, stripes, and checks in this city. Chanderi is a traditional ethnic fabric that is finely woven and has zari work on them. Cotton and Silk are two different types of materials used in Chanderi fabrics. Chanderi sarees and kurtas are ideal for hot weather and ceremonial dressing such as weddings, festivals, parties, or pujas.
  1. Rajasthan: The Kota weave is native to Rajasthan and is often distinguished by its checkered appearance. The Kota cloth is woven with cotton and silk threads into a checkered pattern. The cotton gives the fabric the required firmness, while the Silk adds a glossy and rich finish. Another famous artwork in this district is Leheriya, which focuses on clear thin patterns made on thin cotton or silk cloth. Lehraiya artwork is often found on turbans, kurtas, dupattas and saris. Sanganer, a district in Rajasthan, is famed for its sheer variety of folk patterns on white cotton fabrics. Rajasthani women prefer to wear cotton printed or dyed Ghaghara dresses during festive occasions.
  1. Karnataka: If you haven’t figured it out by now, most weaves and textiles are named after the district from which they come. In Karnataka, Ilkal is a medium-sized town in the Bagalkot district, and it is known for its handwoven saris and Ilkal weave. Kasuti embroidery is believed to have originated from the north part of Karnataka and slowly spread all over the other parts. The name Kasuti has been derived from Kai, which means hands, and Suti, meaning cotton. Kasuti embroidery features unique folk designs that are influenced by the unique rangoli patterns of Karnataka.
  1. Gujarat: The textile industry in Gujarat is very flourishing and contributes highly to the Indian textile arts and crafts. Several communities, castes, tribes, and regions in the state have contributed to the enriched range of textiles made in the district. Cotton Bandhani printed colorful dupattas, kurtas, and sarees are a specialty of Gujarat. The Gujarati men wear Chorno, a type of cotton pants that looks like a loose, stitched dhoti.

4 Best Place To Buy Fabric Online

Cotton is the best fabric for summer dresses, embroidered anarkalis, detailed blouses, casual Kurtis, and semi-formal casual shirts, all due to its versatility. With such different types of textiles, quality, patterns, colors, and prints, shopping for fabric material online is now easier than ever.

  1. SourceItRight is completely dedicated to fabrics and offers a large selection to choose from. They not only provide customers the option of purchasing retail or wholesale quantities, but they also have their store in Ahmedabad, India. Hence you can visit their physical stores any time for a personalized shopping experience.
  1. Spoonflower has a huge selection of designs and fabrics from all across the globe. This website makes buying a few yards of cloth material online simple by leveraging on-demand digital printing technology.
  1. Akrithi has a wide selection of different types of materials for clothes. They offer customers everything under one roof, like unstitched sarees, dupatta pieces, fabric for dresses, and other materials. They also sell a great collection of detailed laces, and jewellery.
  1. Fabloe began selling cotton handlooms in 2016. Presently, they have hand block designs, unstitched dress material, jacquard fabrics, modal silk fabric, and other popular textiles. They also have physical stores in states like Chennai and Hyderabad.

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