June 22, 2024
Content Research Tips

5 Best Content Research Tips Every Writer Needs

Are you a content developer? Then you must be practicing the habit of content research before creating a piece of amazing content. Sound research on particular topics would enable you to gather a wide range of directions before making content.

Are you facing challenges while doing content research? Here are some achievable and pro tips that can make your researching task a lot easier. Keep reading till the end.

Why Is Content Research Important?

If you are a content researcher, you must know that there is a belief that every content writer follows by heart. Any idea about that? – Research is the foundation of a robust Content Marketing Plan.

So the very first action you need to take even before the research is understanding your goals and directions. Here is where you will come across the purpose of doing research. Here are a few questions that content researching would answer you:

  • What do your targeted audiences want to see from you?
  • What and how is the engagement rate between different online businesses and your audience?
  • How better is your competitor than you?
  • Are your readers loyal to you/ What’s the average market audience retention rate?
  • What are the most frequently used digital channels by your audiences?
  • Does your content have more authority in comparison to your rivals?

Top 5 Content Research Tips That You Need To Know In 2021

I hope that by now, you have understood that extensive content research gives a new level of value to your creations. Wherever you are developing content, make sure that you have well analyzed the topic, and gathered facts, statistics, and relevant findings.

However, not all content requires such kind of penetrative research. Of course, you have to understand the weightage and type of the topics before proceeding. But what do your viewers expect from you? Leaving everything else aside, at least they do not want a hypothesized content. All they seek in you is whether you are trustworthy or not.

Are you confused about how to adhere to all these so easily? Yes, it is too simple once you get to know the unique tricks and hacks of content research. So let us head on to the content research checklist without further ado.

1. Explore Content Research Toolkits

It is the first step into content research once you are done with your goal identification. I guess most of you are familiar with Google Search, but there is much more beyond that.

Buzzsumo is the market leader from the perspective of competitive research, keyword search, backlink search, etc. In addition, Moz bar is a content research expert who helps you see the feasibility of your website.

Keep these resources handy always to give your content a distinctive sharpness.

2. Conduct Surveys

I hope you are pondering why to do surveys in content research- right? Or even if you need to do then what aspects would you try to cover? Surveying during content research is an effective data collection tool for your audience. You will get to know what they prefer, through which medium they prefer, and what exactly they expect to see in your content.

Thus, if you think from a broader perspective, it will give you a comprehensive idea about your industry. However, you can make use of online surveying platforms like Polldaddy, Survey Monkey as well as Social media polls.

3. Examine Your Competitor’s Keywords With Screaming Frog

So here is the vital point where you must shed most of your light. If you are reading this guide, I hope you have come across the word ‘Keyword’ at some point in your career. It enables your article and your page to get higher visibility among the targeted audience in the search engine.

So an incredible tool for investigating your competitor’s keywords is Screaming frog. What are you waiting for? Download Screaming Frog for free, enter your competitor’s website link, and hit the Start button to begin your competitor analysis journey.

Do you think about the benefits that you can derive from this process? Well, here are tons waiting for you:

  • You will get relevant keywords into your content
  • You will receive topics to incoir[prate into your content
  • You will see secondary topics that you can use in your future content.
  • In this way, using top keywords, you will be able to drive immense traffic to your website.

4. Read Extensively Leading Contents In The Market

Researching is not only about opening your browser and collecting data. Along with digital information, try to include books in your content research diet. But make sure that you are things relevant to your genre. There are some incredible books in the market specialized in content researching that you can follow diligently:

  • Become a Content Brand by Chris Carter
  • Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport
  • Dreyer’s English by Benjamin Dreyer
  • Marketing Rebellion wrote by Mark Schaefer
  • Non-Obvious by Rohit Bhargava

You can get the above books from Online platforms. In addition, visit reputed physical and online libraries to dig deeper into the planet of content marketing.

Another pro tip here is to take a look at your competitors’ creations. You can easily do this by signing up for their newsletters or following their competitor’s blogs. This will help you get a glimpse of their unique strategies that you can apply to your content development strategy.

5. Follow The Industry Research Reports

Irrespective of what niche you are following, evaluating the industry reports is a MUST! For example, suppose your focus is on how many jobs are available in the content writing industry. Then, you have to explore the industry reports of different content marketing brands very minutely.

Follow your favorite fashion brands on social media channels, annual reports, email newsletters, and keep them in your content research regime. Not only will you get enhanced insights through this, but you also will be in the same line with all current industry standards.


To conclude, if you want to give more value to your content, then follow the steps mentioned above diligently. You will see the wonder in no time.

Is your inquisitive mind satisfied with this guide? Feel free to let us know your opinion in the box below. Furthermore, please leave a comment in the below area if any query comes to your mind.

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