June 18, 2024
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7 Best Table Fans For Home & Office in India 2020

The scorching temperature during summer is the primary reason for you to invest in a suitable table fan. Table fan is the incredible appliance that works in coordination with the air conditioning system to spread chilled air across the room. Table fans are designed to direct airflow in a particular region, and some models come with an oscillating function that ensures airflow in every corner of the room. Well, there are many table fan brands to choose from, and you must invest in the right table fan brand to enjoy chilling and cold air this summer.

  1. Crompton High Flo

Crompton is a famous brand in India when it comes to appliances. Crompton table fan ensures sufficient airflow across the room, covering a larger space with its larger sweep size of 400mm. The table fan is sleek in design and designed with a high-quality plastic body. It makes the table fan anti-shock. The table fan has high-speed settings of 1300rpm and can deliver air up to 70 cubic meters per minute. Above all, theCompton Fans Price List in Indiais comparatively cheaper and economical than all other brands.

  1. Usha Maxx Air

USHA is the Indian appliance brand that is trusted and valued for its unique and high-performance fan models. From ceiling fans to table fans, you will find all types of fans from this brand. The table fan from this brand has higher speed settings with higher RPM and consumes very less energy. The table fan’s design is quite innovative and features three blades that rotate at more top speed to deliver consistent cold air across the room. The table fan comes with oscillation jerk free performance, which ensures uniform airflow across the room.

  1. V-Guard Lap Breeze

This table fan is designed for a single person, and it is a kind of personal table fan. The table fan has a sweep size of 250mm and comes with an oscillating function. The fan allows manual angle adjustment when up and down movement. It is the high-speed table fan model that runs at a higher speed of 1200RPM. It features a speed control knob that lets you control the speed up to three choices. It is compact and can fit on any desktop or tabletop.

  1. Orient Electric Desk Fan

This is a medium-sized table fan with a span of 300mm, and the blades are designed aerodynamically that offer ultimate airflow in larger rooms. The fan features three different speed settings and a rotary switch for oscillating function. It also features a resettable thermal overload function that protects the motor from power surge and increases its longevity and performance. The table fan comes with two years of warranty.

  1. Havells Crescent

This table fan is designed for extremely compact areas and best known for its smaller footprints. These compact size table fans comes with the dual-tone finish, and because of its compact size, easily mount the fan on the wall or use it on the tabletop. The table fan includes a revolving grill that ensures the spread of the air to larger areas and comes with three-speed operations. It is the small fan with the high-speed service, and it runs at 1350RPM and consumes only 38watts.

  1. Luminous Mojo Plus

Luminous fans are best known for their elegant look and dual-tone finish, and because of its compact size, it is ideally used in small-sized rooms. The fan has a sweeping span of 400mm, and it is made of aluminium outer shell that is durable than plastic. The compact table fan has an excellent look and circulates air across the room with its powerful motor that runs at 2100rpm.

  1. Sujata Fans

The last on the list is the new table fan brand, Sujata. Sujata table fans are best known for their durable performance, and high quality build. The table fan is compact and easily fits on any tabletop, and it features three-speed settings and delivers power air across the room and corners. The table fan has a powerful motor and runs at higher RPM. TheSujata fan price list in Indiais comparatively low compared to other popular brands of table fans in India.

These were the top-selling and famous brands of table fans in India that are worth considering.

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