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Scope of Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

The concept of permanent hair removal is very fast spreading. Laser Hair Removal is a cosmetic procedure that aims to provide permanent hair removal. Over the last decade, this trend has gained much recognition and praise throughout the world. When it was first introduced, people were very concerned about the harmfulness over laser exposure to a sensitive organ like skin. Now, however with the advancement in science and technology, it is possible to minimize the effects of laser.

Today, this service is even available in major cities of third world countries. For example Pakistan is known to have advanced cosmetic dermatology exposure and you easily find the best laser hair removal center in Lahore.

To all the ladies out there, if you are tired of tweezing, waxing and using hair removal creams or shaving, then this is the best out there for you.

Benefits Of Opting For Laser Hair Removal

Using this treatment you can get unwanted hair permanently removed from the face, leg, chin, back, arm, underarm, bikini line, and other areas.

The main benefits of this treatment are:

    • It is very precise

 Lasers can selectively target dark, coarse hairs while leaving the surrounding skin undamaged.

    • It is a fast procedure

Laser takes a fraction of a second and is able to treat main hair at the same time. Unlike waxing, the laser can even detect small or short hair.

    • It is a permanent solution to unwanted hair

Within the span of three to seven appointments, most patients see permanent hair loss.

Important Things To Remember Before Laser Hair Removal Treatment

It is very important that you know who you are going to see for this treatment. This is medical procedure, so be careful with checking the technician’s or specialist’s credentials.

Professionals advise you should not be waxing or tweezing at least 6 weeks before. The laser aims at destroying hair follicles and waxing or tweezing pulls out the hair follicles. Therefore this procedure would be ineffective.

You should also avoid sun exposure before and after the treatment as much as possible because it can lead to complications, such as irritation, redness and the hair removal may not be as effective overall.

Laser Hair Removal Procedure

This procedure is performed by a qualified specialist. A machine is used for beaming highly concentrated light into the hair follicles. The pigment in the hair follicles absorbs that light and is destroyed.

Before starting the treatment the specialist will trim the hair on the treatment area and apply a topic numbing medicine, to minimize sensation. The specialist will ask you to wear an eye protection, to avoid exposure to the laser light. A cooling agent will be applied that will help the laser penetrate into the hair follicle.

Next, the specialist will perform the procedure in a pulsing motion, and may go over the same area twice to get maximum results. After the treatment is complete, you may be given ice packs or anti – inflammatory creams or lotion to ease any discomfort.

You may schedule your next appointment varying from four to six weeks. You will have to take sessions until your hair stops growing.

Potential Risks Of Laser Hair Removal

Some of the potential side effects of this treatment may be:

    • Mild swelling around the treated area.
    • Pigmentation may occur, especially in those with darker skin.
    • Slight redness of the skin.
    • Temporary irritation resulting in change in skin texture.

These symptoms are usually temporary and fade away within a week of the treatment. Use of sun screen and moisturizing products can help in eliminating the chances of these side effects.

Setback Of Laser Hair Removal

Although this procedure aims at giving permanent results, it may be a varying factor. This treatment works magic for lighter brown hair tones, but may not be able a permanent solution to darker thick hair. Depending on these factors the laser session also vary.

This a great and cost effective alternative to wax, tweezing or just investing razors and hair removal creams. This is an easily accessible treatment and the prices may vary according to the area that the hair removal center is located. best laser hair removal center in johar town may be charging different prices compared to best hair removal center in Defence.

All in all, laser hair removal treatment is the top trend for permanent hair removal. Who wouldn’t want to take up an offer like that?

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