May 27, 2024
Best Versions of Joker

Top 5 Best Versions of Joker You Must Know

5. Under the Red Hood

A voice and the Joker and this Batman animated movie was incredible I mean I don’t know sneezes word phenomenal you know what let’s go with phenomenal. It was phenomenal he kept such a close resemblance of what Mark Hamill did with the character previously but definitely added his own take then with these dark and gritty animations synced up his voice finds a perfect spot. This version of the Joker is specifically for those of you keeping track at home his from the film Batman. Under the Red Hood critics praised the film’s Direction animation and emotional way of the story. And James Harvey from the world’s finest even called it a mature and faithful take on the Batman lore it is.

4. Arkham Origins

When Troy Baker was set to voice the Joker in the video game Batman Arkham origins many people had their doubts because before him was the great well Mark Hamill. Although those doubts were promptly shattered upon this moment at the New York Comic Con in 2013 madness is the emergency exit. The events in Arkham origins take place about five years before the game Batman. Arkham Asylum Batman is an experienced crime fighter in the second year of his career but is not yet the veteran of superhero that we know him. As the game would explore Batman’s first confrontation with the Joker which is why Troy do some of Mark Hamill’s influence. It’s a great voice for the Joker and should be the staple in regards to that I mean like you can literally make anything sound cool just listen to Troy Baker make anything sound cool anyone want to be in anniversary.

3. Emperor Joker

This nine issue crossover known as Superman ever or Joker truly showed fans what kind of destruction the Joker would be capable of giving godlike powers in this bizarre world. The heroes and villains had swapped roles but regardless have had the public view them. The Joker was still really twisted he would do insane things like kill and resurrect Batman on a daily basis and after stealing these reality altering powers. He ate the entire country of China perhaps the worst part was that he did it just so that he can make a joke about Chinese food a country that’s home to more than a billion people became a lunchtime snack. You can watch your favorite movie on MovieHustle and can download free.For this maniac his resume of destruction aside the visual differences of this Joker made it a must-have on this list. Every Joker was a former Joker took after tricky mister missile click into donating nearly a hundred percent of his reality powers to him as a direct result he became near omnipotent and created a hellish world in his own image.

2. The Dark Knight

Don’t get me wrong the Dark Knight he’s one of my favorite movies of all time but Heath Ledger’s Joker comes in with a silver medal on this pool list. He’s still the number two though a solicitor’s focus on the positives and why do you want to kill me I don’t want to kill you what would I do without you go back to ripping off mob dealers portraying. A psychopathic mass murdering schizophrenic clown with zero empathy heat’s version of the Joker displayed both mental combat and strategic planning his physique was defined by his clown makeup. In gruesome smirk that has a twist of comedy to all of his crimes and destruction was the only major antagonist in the trilogy who wasn’t linked to the League of Shadows. I’ve always actions were indirectly responsible for being successfully engineering a revolution and Gotham in the Dark Knight Rises Heath Ledger’s iconic Joker raise the bar to another level and left some big psycho clown shoes to fill for future Joker’s last but certainly not least.

1. Spot DC Animated Universe

You had to see this one coming of course Mark Hamill is the number one coolest Joker of all time and I still consider him to be different from the original in retrospect. Many of the Joker’s portrayed for mark pale in comparison and since voicing the character he has really set the benchmark of expectations. Mark was one of the first people to design separate types of laughs for the Joker to have everything from maniacal planning to Aurora destroy what makes this Joker so much cooler than the original is that. The animated show had to find a way around using extreme violence something that the Joker absolutely loves and said they focus on building up his psychotic monologues. An overall frightening demeanor making him and his laughing scarier than death itself. People like to overlook this animated series but if anything wipers should be using it as a building block for cooler Joker.

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