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Buying A Bike from Two Wheeler Showroom? Keep This in Mind

For every family, whether middle class or high class getting an automobile is a big reason for celebration. Every person has a unique viewpoint regarding how we see & feel about motorcycles. Some people use it as just one mode of transportation for short trips to offices from home. On the other hand, some use it as a measure of freedom to plan vacations with their family & friends. With all these celebrations and the plethora of reasons to buy bikes, each manufacturer build bike design with particular significance and qualities.

Confusion is expected given the variety of options in the market today since you get attracted to the aesthetics and superior engineering or design. It is just a matter of need or interest that propels you to make the best choice of getting the ride of your dream by introducing you to the world of motorcycles. Motorcycling is an absolute delight, one that you may savour for as long as you are attached to the bike you choose. But before getting the bike from two wheeler showroom, you must keep the points in mind mentioned in this article to avoid a hassle in future.

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Bike from Two Wheeler Showroom: Points of Consideration

India is the world’s largest bike producer, creating plenty of options for customers with different bikes design and features. However, with the fastest-growing two-wheeler market in the world, it is challenging for people to choose the best product in the ocean of options. So, here are some essential criteria that can help you determine your needs, consider the bike you want to buy, and ultimately enable you to get your preferred motorcycle from the showroom. So, researching before buying an expensive thing is crucial and good practice for a pleasant journey. In addition, check the following points for better understanding:

Driving License:

In India, every state has a license portal for two wheeler, four-wheeler and gear vehicles. So, you must get a driving license from the transport department. Firstly, you will apply for a learner’s license, valid for six months. In that period, you can choose the date for the test to grant the permanent license.

Tip: You can visit the RTO office two-three days before the actual test to observe other applicants’ tests for driving licenses.

Documents Required for Purchasing the Bike

Some basic documents are required before buying a bike from a two wheeler showroom. Therefore, it would be best if you carry the below-mentioned documents:

  • Proof of Residence (Attested).
  • ID proof (PAN card, Aadhaar, Passport or other attested copy document).
  • Few passport-size photos.
  • If you are availing of a bike loan, you must bring your income proof.
  • Make sure the person in whose name the registration will happen should be at least 18 years old & above.

You can proceed further with the purchasing process if you have all these copies and the original document.

Understand the EMI Process for Buying Expensive Bikes

If you are planning to buy a superbike or any other expensive bike, then knowledge of Equated Monthly Instalments (EMI) is crucial. It will make it easier for the person to buy an expensive bike. If you are earning well, you can go for the EMI options. You can find the EMI option online or bank representatives at the two wheeler showroom throughout the day to help the customer take the loan.

So, you must carry the bank statement of the last three months’ salary to show them your earnings proof. Then, at last, check for the interest rates of different banks before deciding to buy the bike.

Make sure the Bike Spare Parts are Easily Available

Indian roads are not very well built, causing vehicle wear and tear. All these issues demand bike spare parts. It is a vital factor that can help you choose the right bike. Suppose you must change the gear part of your bike, and a waiting of months is required for the availability; then it will be a demotivating experience for you. So, before getting the bike from two wheeler showroom, make sure the bike spare part is easily available.

Know all About the Bike’s Mileage and Cost of Patrol

The ever-increasing fuel cost can be an issue for the bike owner. Always know everything about the average or mileage of the bike. If your bike is giving 50KMPL, it is a good deal for you; otherwise, a bike giving 30-40KMPL is not feasible in the long run.

The above points are just some things you should consider before buying a two-wheeler showroom. Along with that, you must also check the ease of service and support, research well on the internet before going to the two wheeler showroom, check the emission level and be environmentally conscious. So, are you looking to buy two wheelers for yourself? If yes, scroll through Bajaj’s website and take your pick. You can visit the website, enter the location to find out your nearest showroom and give them a visit. You can also visit e-showroom to check the bikes.

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