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Can We Get Ill From Hookah


It’s an issue that we get asked often, which many folks have personal experience with, so we’re here to assist answer it! So,can hookah and ehookah cause its users to be ill?

The short answer is may be yes, but not no, but it’s tons more complicated than that.

The foremost common complaints when it involves how hookah causes its users to feel is that some people experience:

  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Nausea

When smoking hookah, there are a variety of things at play, which will create a but pleasant experience.

Why do hookah smokers often got headaches?

For a newbies to hookah, smokers just accepted that headaches were a part of it.

Once they got some more hooked to hookah, the explanations behind these headaches became more and more apparent.

As mentioned before, there are a variety of things at play, and this is often even truer when talking about “hookah headaches.” The most reasons behind the headaches are:

  • Dehydration
  • Nicotine
  • Oxygen deprivation
  • Smoking on an empty stomach
  • Improperly lit charcoal
  • Quick lighting charcoal

Why do users feel dizzy they smoke hookah?

Most hookah tobacco otherwise referred to as “shisha,” will contain nicotine. Some brands of shisha will contain less nicotine than other brands, but there’ll nearly always be a minimum of some amount of nicotine in your flavor unless they are using tobacco-free herbal shisha.

Nicotine is the primary source of the “buzz” that users feel once they smoke. This “buzz” can manifest differently, counting on the person, but the foremost common effects are:

  • A “tingling” feeling
  • Relaxation
  • Lightheadedness
  • Dizziness

While these are feelings that some people actively look for in their session, a nicotine buzz can cause adverse effects counting on their tolerance.

If a replacement hookah user or don’t smoke hookah too often, the sensitivity to nicotine can mean that smoker will experience an uncomfortable amount of dizziness.

Why do user got nauseous?

Most hookah smokers are going to be ready to recall a time that they felt nauseous while smoking hookah, or after. While experienced user won’t say that this is common, it definitely can happen from time to time and definitely unhappy .

Typically speaking, though, nausea that smoker may experience is primarily caused by the “dizziness” or “lightheartedness” that users can get while smoking hookah. Nausea also can be amplified by dragging on an empty stomach or being dehydrated.

Let’s re-evaluate these point by point!

Dehydration – Smoking a hookah for an extended period of time that can cause smokers body to become dehydrated, which may then generate a headache. Hookah was a “nightlife” activity that’s often accompanied by alcohol, or other party drinks and booze. These sorts of drinks also can cause smokers to become even more dehydrated, especially when combined with a hookah.

Nicotine – Hookah tobacco contains nicotine. This substance provides smokers with the “buzz” but also can cause some people to urge headaches.

Oxygen Deprivation – Smokers often unaware while they are taking a puff of hookah? Smoking for long periods of time can cause a body to urge bereft of much-needed oxygen, which may cause headaches and lightheartedness.

Smoking on an empty stomach – Smoking hookah can cause all types of fluctuations in the body chemistry, like affecting the blood glucose. Smoking on an empty stomach can cause a smoker to urge a headache or feel nauseous, and it also can cause the explanations listed above to become exacerbated.

Improperly lit charcoal – smokers end up in headaches-vile once they use charcoal that’s lit partially or still within the lighting process as they inhale. The best headache free sessions happen when the charcoal is glowing red before smoking.

Quick lighting charcoal – Quick light coals are great during a pinch once smokers do not have a coal burner or out of the house because they will be ignited with a typical lighter. They will also cause headaches when misused; otherwise, smokers have some sensitivity to the smell or taste of the charcoal. It is advisable to use natural hookah charcoal for a session because they produce a far better flavor like from fantasia electronic hookah and have an extended burning time.

These reasons are by no means the sole reasons that a headache might happen while smoking hookah, but they’re the foremost common in ordinary smoker experience.

Tips to Avoid “Hookah Sickness”

The above mentioned are a few or “lots” of the adverse side effects of hookah, and it’d sound scary. But here are some tips to assist and avoid these side effects, and it’s tons easier than newbies may think!

STAY HYDRATED – what’s arguably one among the foremost vital things to recollect when smoking hookah is that you got to stay hydrated. Always keep a bottle or glass of water when smoking hookah, ensuring to stay hydrated, which is just a generally good rule out life.

Know Your Limits – There are a variety of reasons why someone may smoke quite they’re ready to, but it all boils right down to this: know the limits and know when to prevent. If smokers ever start feeling ill, lightheaded, or really anything outside what they are comfortable with, set the water, take an opportunity, and obtain some fresh air. Simply because a hookah is ahead of its user doesn’t mean smoker would like to be hitting it consistently. If a user feel like they have smoked an excessive amount, there’s no harm in taking an opportunity.

Don’t Smoke on an Empty Stomach – This tip is one among the favorites from experts because who needs an excuse to eat food? Experienced smokers never recommend smoking hookah on an empty stomach or getting to the hookah bar. Get some food beforehand. Just eat some quite food. Ensuring you smoke on a full stomach will help with avoiding many of those issues.

USE A MOUTH TIP – this is often mainly only for the “spreading germs” a part of smoking hookah. It’s always a realistic idea to use your mouth tip when smoking, especially when smoking with people. This may help hamper on the number of germs you and your friends are sharing and make it less likely to urge an illness.
As I said before, we at Hookah-Shisha aren’t medical professionals, so take this information how you’ll, and if you’ve got any health concerns, contact your doctor.

Bottom line

While this is often not something that explicitly happens due to hookah, and may occur during healthy day-to-day life, it’s something that hookah can exacerbate or leave you susceptible to.

Hookah is, generally speaking, a group activity where smokers get alongside friends or family to spend time talking about the day, catching up, or really anything you’ll consider .

A necessary part of smoking hookah is smoking from a hose by using by mouth. Especially when burning with people, passing one tube back and forth can mean that everybody is sharing germs.

If user were listening in health class in secondary school, exchanging germs with people can make it more likely for them to catch an illness like, but not limited to, a cold, the flu, or the other contagious disease.

Hookah is supposed to be a fun, enjoyable activity, so hopefully, this was insightful and can assist smokers to avoid any unpleasant experiences when sitting right down to have a hookah!

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