May 20, 2024

Can You Rent Or Lease An AED?

Out of hospital cardiac arrest is a serious threat to our society as every year more than 30,000 people experience it. To increase the survival rate of these patients we must keep an AED automated external defibrillator as well as CPR. Before getting an AED the first question that arises in the buyer’s mind is how much does an AED cost because AEDs are costly. Many people due to this cost analysis think of renting or getting an aed on lease. As now it is a need of every institution you must keep its benefits in mind as American AED is technically advancing day by day rather than a cost because for time being these empty promises and false advertisement might lure you into getting a rental program but the most cost-effective and wise move is to buy one.

How It Is An Unwise Decision?

Most AED rental programs lure people by giving out false advertisements as it is said every shining thing is not gold their advertisements are hollow as well. The first promise a rental company will give is to provide you with the latest technology AED. They might change your mind from buying to renting by telling how your bought AED will get old and by renting they will replace it with a new one as it comes. But you do know that AEDs don’t change their technology that fast. It takes years for new technology to get introduced as it is sold at a handsome amount. The manufacturers make the hardware last a long time and the software doesn’t expire.

Free Maintenance Cost

AED is equipment that is not used very often. The rental companies promise you the free repairing and replacing the cost of electrode pads and batteries. Now let us tell you that if your AED is not being used often your pads and batteries are safe as they have a long-lasting life even more than your rental agreement. This will only benefit the rental company as they won’t have to prove your equipment. Rather if you buy an AED with its warranty card you can get these things free of cost as well for the warranty period.

Purchase Cost

With outright purchase costs which you can check on Calmed equipment, which is an American aed store that is online and provides you best packages of an AED that too without any prescription you can see that an AED cost $700- $1000. But rental programs for a year charge you double the cost of an AED and in the end, you don’t even get the ownership.

We would like to conclude our argument with this that the rental program is never a healthy choice for users. There are very few cases in which this program can benefit you but that too not in the longer run. You can have it on rent for a very shorter period only then we can suggest you go for it if your small firm or institute doesn’t have around $2000 to spend on an AED right away. Otherwise, in every situation, we will suggest you buy an AED as it is a long-term and wise decision. 99-$129 a month for 36 months as a rental program only benefits the rental company. They don’t even include compliance and training programs at this cost. And on a lease, a 60-70% interest on a 3-year lease program is a complete robbery. For your own and your firm benefit think of long-term benefits rather than looking at how much does an aed costs you right now.


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