June 18, 2024

E-Check Payment Gateway with API Integration Helping Ecommerce Businesses to Flourish

The echeck payment gateways are the new way to accept and receive payments which have become increasingly popular due to the widespread use of internet-based shopping and banking. The first-class way of payment gateways services with Echeck bestowing complimentary merchant services that ensures maximum payment approval frequency. The advanced fraud screening along with multiple payment options and the real-time reporting enables the top-notch security along with the control for the largest number of business merchants. The API integration which has defined new way for the ecommerce business allows merchants of various size to integrate with the existing payment system or the payment gateways by Amald.

The echeck payment gateways are of three different account types which are mentioned here:

  • Merchant account: The business bank account which are maintained and held by the payment processor which allows business to accept and process online payments electronically.
  • Referral agent account: The account for those business whose job is to refer clients with business or individual that meet the needs of the merchants.
  • White label account: The payment processor that integrates with the existing echeck payment gateways while processing of transactions that are for the white label account merchants.

The echeck payment gateways have some major additional benefits which includes products and services by amald:

  • Automated recurring billing services
  • Level 1 PCI-DSS Compliance
  • Secure online ACH or automated clearing house
  • Advanced Security screening and Real-time transaction statistics
  • Virtual terminal (VT) with phone, fax and mail order payments

The echeck payment gateways by amald have the major facilities which has given all types of merchants with distinctive features along the payment processing through the real-time transaction methods:

Risk and compliance: The first and foremost thing which are found by amald payment gateways is the risk and compliance which ae negligible and the business runs easily with dedicated account support.

24/7 Tech support: The 24/7 tech support which are found to be giving every detail about the business transactions which gives the business to remove any issues of discrepancy because of immediate assistance over the phone and e-mail as well.

Sales verification: The sales verification which are found for every sales and payments help with personalized support by the dedicated account manager for the business by amald.

Billing: The immediate billing which could be found through real-time transactions of the genuine echeck payment gateways and the quick process by the web-based credit and debit accounts management helps to work in an efficient manner.

Accounting and returns: The accounts and return as mentioned above are the part of echeck payment gateways and the services with the accounts managed in the robust manner with every intrinsic detail i.e. weekly and monthly reporting.

Although we have understood the different benefits of the echeck payment gateways but here is the detail description of how to receive an electronic check.

  • The payee sends with an online payment form
  • The checking account number and routing number long with the payment amount.
  • Clicking of submit with authorizing of payee and withdrawing the payments amount from the checking account
  • The other options are about setting up of the echeck payments by phone

The checks and payment processing are found far better as compared to the additional with the processing faster. The businesses that receive the funds sooner for the ecommerce channels with small and large businesses as compared to the paper check along the electronic sharing from bank accounts by amald.

Echecks verification: The echecks verification which gives the ability and verifying the information can be send anywhere or anytime that helps the process with standard checks along with managing the cash and check at any time.

Echeck safe payments: The electronic payments provide standard way to do online shopping along with electronic paying bills that secures the reliable payments by electronic checks. The echecks offer an efficient way to transfer the funds from the payer to the payee.

Paying through echeck: The paying of echeck with avoidance of risk or fraud through the payment process leads to successful payment. Any risk of fraud or criminal activity gets negligent with the echeck payment gateway. The protecting of customers interest along with small businesses are also found with echeck payments by amald.

The echeck payment gateways are found with traditional check and the bank routing number through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) or the standard payment gateways. The alternate way to traditional account or the recurring payment are found with the convenient way to process the credit cards payments online. The electronic checks also enable consumers by paying online and it helps in receiving the funds sooner or in any case finding the better alternatives in the form of e-wallets or the mobile payments.

Thus, amald has made things easier and with the online payments with a negligible or small amount of transaction fees has made things better for the smarter generation and the world to get more through faster methods.


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