June 25, 2024

8 Effective Steps to Deal with Stress at Work and Improve Productivity

Stress is an unspoken killer of your productivity and career satisfaction at work. A CNBC report states that approximately 60% workers have a stress feeling three days a week, and around 40% of small business house owners admit their workplaces are among top stressors. Further, as per another study, around 56% working professionals have confirmed that stress and anxiety at work influence their overall performance.

You need to treat your stress and enhance workplace productivity if you are one of such employers or employees. Here are some practical and effective steps to treat workplace stress:

  1. Find out the basic causes

In your stress management, you need to know what causes you to get stressed at your workplace. In-depth analysis could help you in this regard and you might find that it is poor work-life balance, personal family issues, salary, more workload, or work culture. Note down each thing at your working area in your way to find out the primary reason behind your workplace stress. For instance, it’s your low salary that makes you unhappy. You should talk to the management at work for a salary increment or find out what you should do to get a salary hike. Always try to have a balance between your work life and personal life. In simple words, you should sort out the stress issues after their identification.

  1. Have a healthy communication

Whether you are a boss or a staff member, you should encourage open communication at your work. As a member of your company management, you should understand that your staff need rest. Ask your team members to take a short break whenever they need it if they have been continuously working for your business. As an employee or employer, you should go on a short break and avoid having a long work schedule. Talk to yourself and your staff to find out what makes them feel uneasy at your workplace. Value open-wok culture and encourage it in your office so that no one could feel bad.

  1. Meditate or let them follow their religious beliefs

Many studies have proved that meditation and following religious beliefs are beneficial to humans. Meditation and prayers and religious activities help people feel calmness and peace. As an employer, you should let your people hang wall art such as religious paintings and spiritual stickers carrying their own religious faiths in the front of their workstations and allow them to meditate by remembering their gods.

  1. Appreciate and reward

People love appreciation or being recognized. Recognition and appreciation makes them feel good and encourages their interests in doing what brings the same to them. Whether yours and your staff achievements are big or small, you should appreciate them when they do something better. Appreciations or rewards are not always expensive. You can appreciate a person for his/her work by presenting a simple personalized sticker or certificate. The presents that you present to your employees make them happy when they are sad or have bad feelings.

  1. Avoid doing or promoting multitasks

Executing multiple works together creates stress or anxiety in you. It happens, you find it hard to complete a task on time and your mind is not focused on single work. The dividation of your concentration increases the chances of making mistakes. In place of multitasking, you should go to do another job after the completion of the first one. One work at a time makes you stay focused and helps you complete it well and fast.

  1. Keep your workplace organized

Having so many items or files at your table or work desk makes it cluttered. You might find it hard to get an item or a file when you need the same. Any delay in finding the needed one makes most of you get angry or stressed. To deal with stress at work, you should optimize your work desk and keep it always clutter free. For this, place the items or files of one category in a separate drawer or almirah space. After the completion of a work, you should place the object or file from where you took it out.

  1. Have a boundary in personal as well professional life

To live your life, doing work or running a business is crucial for you. But, it doesn’t mean you should always be busy in your professional life. Avoid having a 24/7 work culture. Leave your work at your office or business place as you take your step out from there and spend the rest time with your family members, friends, or relatives. Try to never mix up both.

  1. Contact a respective consultant

Sometimes, self care and the steps taken for dealing anxiety or stress are not fruitful. Some of you find difficulties in identifying the causes and managing the issues you have found. In such a case, talk to your close one in your family, friends, relatives, or colleagues on the topic that stresses you. If required, consult a psychologist or psychiatrist. With his/her counselling, you find it more comfortable to manage your workplace stress.


Stress at work relates to what the job you do, what work culture your workplace has, how you keep your desk organized, how much you work a day, and allied others. You need to find out the exact stressors and work on the same to improve your productivity. Getting in contact with an expert will help you deal the extreme case if you have.

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