June 16, 2024
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Excited Deals to Non-Stop Direct Flights From USA to India

With the constant increase in the number of travelers traveling on the USA and India routes, many airlines are dispatching premium direct flights between these two countries. As of now, there are a total of 9 different routes to fly between these two countries. And these 9 routes include four courses by Air India and two courses by United Airlines.

Among the three flying itineraries, non-stop flights, direct flights and connecting flights, thenon stop flights from USA to Indiacost the highest. While the connecting flights are the most budget-friendly option, thedirect flights to India from the UScosts in between these two. And the dropping costs of direct flights between USA and India is making direct flights affordable too.

Do you know that non-stop flights take between 14 and 17 hours to fly between the USA and India? This time is at least 10 hours less than the time taken by direct and non-stop flights. Thus, time-saving, no to very less jet lag, better facilities are some of the advantages of taking non-stop flights. And these advantages are the main reason behind the success of non-stop flights between India and the US by Air India.

List of Non-stop flights flying between USA and India

  • San Francisco to Delhi, Air India
  • Chicago to Delhi, Air India
  • New York to Delhi, Air India
  • Washington to Delhi, Air India
  • Newark to Delhi, Air India
  • New York to Mumbai, Air India
  • Newark to Mumbai, Air India
  • Chicago to Hyderabad, Air India
  • San Francisco to Bengaluru, Air India
  • Newark to Delhi, United Airlines
  • San Francisco to Delhi, United Airlines
  • Chicago to Delhi, United Airlines
  • Newark to Mumbai, United Airlines New York to Mumba, Delta Airlines

As you can see in the above list, the flying route between Delhi and New York is the busiest flying route among all. And this route is about to get busier as American Airlines has announced non-stop flights between New York and Delhi, and New York and Jammu and Kashmir routes. These flights are estimated to start flying by the end of the year. An estimated number of three flights will fly weekly to take round trips under this initiative of American Airlines.

Also, from 21st November 2021, non-stop flights between India and the USA will start flying on a whole new route. The route is between Seattle and India. These flight services are to be launched by American Airlines. Also, the airline is planning to start its flights on the highly demanded route between Seattle and Bengaluru. These flights are rescheduled, and the airline is planning to start them by the end of the year. Starting date of these flights is 21st November 2021. That will embark on the comeback of American Airlines to India after a subsistent period of 12 years.

Air India has also embarked on two new flights between the USA and India this year. These flights include non-stop flights from Chicago to Hyderabad and non-stop flights from San Francisco to Bengaluru, which started flying from the 1st of January 2021. And the airlines are likely to continue flying these flights throughout the year.

After noticing the surge in demand for non-stop flights between the USA and India, United Airlines has announced its flights on two different routes. These flights include non-stop flights from Chicago to Delhi and non-stop flights from San Francisco to Bengaluru. These flights fly daily and will start flying since the spring hits the season cycle of both countries.

Why should you choose direct non-stop flights for flying purposes?

There is a variety of reasons to choose direct non-stop flights for flying purposes.


The very first reason is time-saving. Time-saving is one of the primary factors because of which people are selecting direct non-stop flights over connecting flights. People like business executives, associates and managers of big associations, ministers, and artists opt for non-stop flights because of a lack of time.

Same flight number

The other benefit would be the same flight number. During non-stop flights, the flight number remains the same throughout the flight.

No need to switch terminals

No terminal changes, when flying through non-stop flights, no one will ask you to switch terminals.

Hassle-free experience

If you are a frequent traveler, then you must know the hassle of shifting from one airplane to another. Well, with non-stop flights you don’t need to go through any such hassle as the airplane remains the same throughout the journey.

No stops in between

Hate spending hours sitting idle at the airport waiting for your plane to take off? Well, nobody loves doing the same. And non-stop flights save you from the same. As the name suggests non-stop flights don’t stop anywhere between the starting point and the destination. So, there is no idol sitting at airports waiting for your flight to fly again involved with non-stop flights.

Less Jet Leg

If jet lag is one of your major problems after taking long flights, then direct non-stop flights help you with it as well. As these flights take less time to take you to your destination, they save you from feeling serious jet-leg.

How to Plan a trip to India?

India is an amazing country with a very rich culture. This charismatic country hosts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year who visit it to have a taste of its beauty. No matter what a traveler seeks in India, the country never fails to provide it. Among the biggest spiritual centers of the world, India caters to different religions having different beliefs. But the country does this job so gorgeously that the people living here are all considered as one.

To plan a trip to this spectacular nation, you must decide the purpose of your visit to India. India is a vast country providing thousands of opportunities to its travelers. So, without a clear purpose, you might end up getting overwhelmed with all the choices.

As soon as your purpose gets specified, decide upon the activities that will help you fulfill your purpose. And then booknon stop flights from USA to Indiato fly to this one-of-a-kind nation.


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