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Planning Corporate Events

Features of Planning Corporate Events

If you think that you can plan and successfully conduct a corporate event without difficulty, you are mistaken. In fact, careful preparation is indispensable.

The following items need to be developed in detail when planning for event management in singapore:

• for the year ahead, decide on public calendar holidays, important dates for the company. Leave a special plan and stick to it;

• determine the circle of participants in the event. You can arrange a general celebration, which can be attended even by employees of your partner companies, enterprise customers, senior management, the entire work team, etc

• determine the size of the budget. Please note that you will have to spend money only on renting a room and paying for a menu. But also for the purchase of corporate gifts and the issuance of bonuses to staff.

If you know for sure that in one and a half to two months you will have, for example, the anniversary of the company, you will take into account the upcoming financial expenses and the number of guests, you can organize an excellent corporate event easier.

How to successfully hold a corporate event?

Please note that we are not saying that you need to lead or prepare the holiday itself. But you should certainly know a few recommendations on the organization and conduct of corporate parties. Even if you contact a specialized company for organizing corporate events, you should personally control the process of work of a pro.

Consider these important points:

carefully choose the place where the celebratory corporate event will be held

The room must have a good ventilation system. Stuffy and small rooms are not suitable for celebrations. The most common options are renting a banquet hall, a boarding house, a restaurant, a cafe, a recreation center and so on. Is it possible to hold a corporate event in the office of your company? Only on condition that the event relates directly to the company. If you want to mark, for example, February 23rd, then you should rent a room for the holiday; If you need some launch effects in the event, then also you need to select the venue accordingly.

designate a person in charge

Suppose you decide to save your own time and effort, and turn to a specialized company for help from corporate organization professionals. But in this case, too, someone should follow the work of specialists. You can choose the manager of the future event from among the employees of the company. If the event is of great importance, then all issues should be resolved with your personal participation;

• do not skimp on the menu

Even if the corporate events of the company are saturated with events of various kinds, the triumph will not succeed without delicious dishes. Hungry guests are unlikely to appreciate the presenter’s jokes or great music if they are invited to have fun on an empty stomach. According to generally accepted standards, at least one kilogram of food should be calculated for each guest. As for alcoholic beverages, in the case of them one should not forget about the measure;

• think about how to decorate the room

It is best if the premises are decorated in the style of your enterprise. To raise the corporate spirit, you can attract employees to decorate the halls;

• get corporate gifts

The main corporate events are usually organized in honor of certain events – company holidays. Even small branded souvenirs will come in handy here. Gift prices may vary. Choose presentations taking into account how solemn and significant celebration you need to hold. Give preference not to trinkets with the hallmarks of your company, but to practical products. If you cannot decide on the gift idea, choose the most win-win option – a cash bonus. Having given it to your staff, you will certainly improve the mood of the team;

• take care of a corporate event scenario

We have already said that corporate events in Moscow are both entertaining and official. If you are the boss, it is only natural that you take on the responsibilities of the host to the face. But along with this, you should not fend off your team. Hire a specialist to conduct the event – a toastmaster from an agency or a famous person;

• plan the event so that after it is a day off

Otherwise, the mood of the participants will be darkened in advance.

Is there any way to save on a corporate event?

The cost of organizing a corporate holiday is quite high. Is there an opportunity to save the budget of the company?

Yes, there are many options:

• independently decorate the room

With such a simple task, your employees or even you personally can handle it. In order not to distinguish someone, invite the staff to personally decide who will be involved in the design of the hall;

• abandon the host with a known name

Often, novice actors and an experienced toastmaster manage to conduct a corporate event as well as professionals;

• refuse to print special invitations

Today you can well use e-mail or send SMS;

• refuse the services of a photographer and operator

Each guest of the celebration will have their own smartphone with a camera. Believe me, the shots made by employees personally can be no less interesting and lively than those that the pros would have done;

• download the script from the network, decide on the musical component personally

You can also entrust these issues to your employees. The process is simple and interesting.

We refuse to save

Corporate culture requires its events to be held at the highest level. There are several points on which it is strictly forbidden to save:

buying gifts and giving bonuses.If you organize a holiday instead of giving employees a bonus, for example, for the New Year, you will see negative consequences very quickly;

sound equipment.The leader’s speech should be clearly audible. Just like music should be clean. The constant rustling and hissing will not lighten your team mood;

location of the venue. The area should have a good transport interchange. Take care of transportation issues – after a corporate event, participants in the event should not think about how to get home;

• thesize of the banquet hall.The room should be spacious and designed for your number of guests;

menu dishes.Ordering a kitchen always costs a lot. However, costs should not be reduced. All meals and drinks should be high quality, fresh and tasty. In addition, they should be enough for all participants in the celebration.

Choosing a leading corporate event

The soul of any corporate holiday is always the leader. He will not let the guests of the event get bored. When choosing a specialist for your event, make sure that he meets the following requirements:

•is a bright personality who does not get lost in any crowd;

• has notable acting talents. Creative presenters are able to transform into any role, depending on the current situation;

• possesses personal charisma, ensuring the goodwill of guests of the holiday to him;

• has a well-established competent speech and a rich vocabulary. This paragraph does not need explanation;

• has a sense of rhythm and ear for music. At corporate events, music sounds. And therefore, it is best if the leader knows how to dance and can engage the guests in dancing;

• different sense of tact and can make a common etiquette. Otherwise, conflicting or simply uncomfortable situations may arise.

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