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There are many things which define a person. They include one’s personality, habits, traits and characteristics. Interestingly, one of the things that define a person is his or her eating habits. They determine many things in life because they have a direct influence over the person’s future and health. Thus, it is crucial to pay a lot of attention to the person’s eating habits in order to remain healthy. The most important thing is to develop healthy eating habits in children. They should be taught and explained the importance of healthy eating because it would influence the way they eat in school and outside home. Thus, it is important to encourage families to make smart nutrition choices while choosing the food the parents and children eat. From the moments babies consume their first meal, the nutrients they consume affect their growth, development and well-being. That is the reason why healthy nutrition choices need to be integrated into family’s eating culture. Take part in discussion the following topic on my blog at

Nevertheless, sometimes family culture affects children’s eating habits in a negative way. For example, when parents are strict vegans, sometimes they force children to eat the same foods as they do. Thus, children do not eat the needed products because of family’s eating culture. For this reason children do not get the needed amount of vitamins and nutrients and may suffer from it.

Culture can affect children’s food choices in the broader way. For example, children grow up in a certain environment with a strong traditional cuisine. Everybody eats certain products which are considered typical. These products may be fat or unhealthy, but people still eat them daily because of the culture they grew up in. Thus, the culture determines their food choices which may affect their health negatively. Despite that people stick to their traditions while considering food choices, and they teach their children the same things. Children, in turn, adopt their parents’ beliefs and eat food just like them. It means that children will keep on eating unhealthy food just like their parents did, and it will be quite hard for the children to change their eating habits.

The family lifestyle also affects the ways children eat. For example, if parents are always in a hurry, they pay little attention to what family eats. Thus, fast food becomes a regular food which people in the family eat. Moreover, adults may not feel the effects of regular fast food eating that badly, but children who need many different vitamins and nutrients, are the ones who suffer the most. Unfortunately, they have little role in choosing food their family eats, and they usually pick foods based on their taste instead of their quality and benefits for health. That is the reason parents are the ones who have to choose the best food for their children. They may consult with professionals in order to do that. Thus, they can pick the optimal nutrition choice which is the best possible nourishment for children. It means that the families need to think of combining necessary foods to provide their children with necessary vitamins, nutrients and minerals. Thus, parents have to provide their children with fruits and vegetables, grains, dairy products and protein alternates. Meat is also an important part of the healthy diet. As a person caring for children, I would explain to parents why eating all of these products in the right amount is essential for children’s health and well-being. Children also have to eat the right amount of energy and calorie-providing nutrients in order to have a healthy life. Thus, they also have to spend a lot of time engaged in physical activity.

Hence, I would encourage families to take my advice into consideration while choosing healthy nutrition diet for their children. With respect to their culture, parents still need to think of their children first. Thus, they have to balance a variety of foods in order to keep their children healthy. Parents also have to organize a lot of physical activities for their children. It means that they have to provide their children with setting and environment where children can play and do sports as well as spend time outdoors. Thus, the healthy diet will be combined with the healthy environment which will be the best option for children’s well-being and growing process. Thus, I would educate parents as well as children about nutrition and encourage them to pay closer look to the products they buy by reading the information about them. In addition, I would encourage families to use a range of methods to prepare different foods in order to combine healthy choices with culture. Families can still maintain their culture while making smart food choices, and they can do it with a help and understanding of necessity of eating healthy food.

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