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Food And Nutrition Guidelines By Expert Nutritionals

Everyone knows that we should take care of ourselves, but how many of us really do get the time to do that? Some of us are busy enough while some of us are too lazy to actually take out time to do that. Only 11% of the people visit a dietician and even less take or even think of taking a dietary supplement. has several testimonials of dieticians which states that people often tend to believe, “dietitians are not the experts of health & don’t have any right to recommend you the right diet or dietary supplements.” It’s actually the oppositesince if your dietitian prescribes you to take dietary supplements, it’s because your daily diet is not adequate to fulfil your body’s nutrition requirement properly. These supplements help fulfil the incomplete nutrient requirement that is generally left unfilled owing to our rushing lives daily.

Our daily lives comprise of constant rush and run which ultimately makes us prefer packaged food overcooking food at home. The hidden part which is dangerous to the health as the chemical additives and preservatives to increase their shelf lives. Although dieticians do recommend packaged supplements sometimes, this usually happens in case of natural supplements consisting of natural preservatives which are not harmful. The dieticians don’t recommend the supplements which cause damage to health, so it’s safe to use. But the problem arises when the clients don’t take their advice seriously and ignore the proper suggestion.

The dietician’s only focus isn’t to make money, rather your well-being is also his priority. So, if you take the dietician’s advice seriously, you can stay healthy and away from illness. Let’s discuss what experts say about this.

Health Foods

Since ages of food and nutrition knowledge and studies, dieticians stick to proper diet menus to avoid any adverse effects. However, the only diet cannot fulfil the need of many bio-ingredients deficient in patients like Calcium, Phosphorus, Zinc, Copper and Iodine. These nutrients help to prevent or treat diseases and disorders which doctors recommend to their patients by recommending proper food supplements with 100% natural ingredients. Just food intake even with proper diet is not enough to reach the need of the body.

Protein Supplements

Whey Protein or the Bovine Whey Protein Concentrate has a biological value of 110 while eggs have a value of 100, which was considered as the highest. This indicates a higher amount of nitrogen and protein retained in the body and it also indicates a higher rate of absorption in the bloodstream. It consists of all the 9 amino acids. They’re considered vital especially after a workout as it is necessary for a flow of amino acids in the muscles that increases anabolism and prevents muscle breakdown. Although, protein supplements are also taken besides just to pump up your muscles. It basically helps fulfil the protein requirement of the body. However, this also increases muscle strength and volume as well. Therefore, if you want to buff up your mass, Whey supplements are what you’re looking for.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol consumption is generalized in today’s culture. Some are introduced, some occasionally and some are heavy consumers as well. This has an absurd effect on your health. If you aim to lose weight fast and permanently, you need to quit once and for all. It consists of empty calories without any nutrition. Thus, alcohol completely ruins your health and daily schedule, avoid it at all costs.


There are no shortcuts to a healthy lifestyle. No pills, no oils or ointments can help you out in this. Your discipline and determination is the first step towards a healthy lifestyle. You need to plan and set a perfect schedule and follow it diligently towards your goal. Set a feasible goal and start working on it right away.

Diet Foods For Weight Control

Having a good diet is the most important part of any weight control routine. It signifies the weight you put on or lose. No workout will help if you still can’t resist junk food. A proper pair of exercise and diet is needed to acquire the desired physique. However, few addons like several foods and supplements with diet act as a catalyst and really do help. Basil seeds, Fenugreek, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Guar Gum and Garcinia Cambogia are a few examples of diet foods.

Morning Habits

A goal needs determination and what initiates a determination more than starting the day early before everybody. It is a secret ingredient to a perfect recipe of health in a longer and permanent run. Having morning habits really pushes your determination towards good health more and more. Few morning habits that help a start are:

  • High Protein Breakfast
  • Keeping track of your health
  • Avoid stressful things
  • Get some exercise

Having to wake up early doesn’t mean that you seek to lessen up your sleep, adequate sleep is also vital for your health as well. Not having adequate sleep degrades you down in your daily life and the progress won’t be desirably steep.


Every individual wants a healthy lifestyle for themselves permanently. That surely comes with a bit effort to push into our daily lives. These guidelines are a step towards that routine only. However, the supplements should be used as per your body’s requirements and should be consulted first with an expert to avoid any adverse effects.

Prakash M Rao is a clinical biochemist from Institute of Science Mumbai who also is an MBA in Marketing was an Associate Editor of the magazine “ Foods & Drinks” and CEO of NutraSphere currently handles a variety of consultancy assignments in foods, pharmaceuticals & cosmetics as a CEO of a multi-faceted company Zantech.

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