May 27, 2024
Gifts for Makeup Artist

5 Gifts For A MakeUp Artist

Happy Holidays! It is December yet again! It is again time to shop till you drop, scooping out the stores for presents for your loved ones. As people get older, they become harder and harder to shop for because of course you want to get them something they will love, appreciate, and more importantly, use! But if you know where to look, it can help take the edge off getting something good.

That desire to find something lovely and of use is increased if you have a loved one that deals in makeup because they likely have all the tools they need for their craft. But never fear, for there is always a way to get a great gift for even the makeup artist who has everything. And then if your loved one is an upcoming makeup artist that is just starting in their craft, then of course finding them an amazing gift should be a piece cake. Or should I say a piece of fruit cake.

Either way, you will be able to find the perfect gift or even inspiration for a gift if you use this list. So without further ado, here are five gifts for makeup artists that will help them paint the world!

1. Brush Cleanser

When it comes to makeup art, one of the most crucial tools is makeup brushes for obvious reasons. Without makeup brushes, how would you apply any makeup to a person’s face? And then when you have makeup brushes that are constantly being used, they will have to be washed and disinfected at some point to keep them clean. That is where brush cleanser comes in, disinfecting the makeup brushes and keeping the clients safe; which is a crucial thing considering our day and age currently with covid being right outside our doors. If you want a simple gift guaranteed to help your loved one out, get them a makeup brush cleanser.

2. Makeup Face Chart Books

Like the old saying goes “practice makes perfect”. When it comes to the art of makeup, most people will think of practice as doing makeup on themselves, doing it on other people, or watching educational videos on social media. However, here is a secret tool for practicing unbeknownst to most of the world: makeup face chart books. A makeup face chart book works like a booklet with clean pages of a face that allows makeup artists to use makeup on them and practice their skills. These books work as fantastic ways for professionals to practice new techniques and beginners to practice in general. If you really want your beloved makeup artist to succeed, your best chance is to give them a makeup face chart book.

3. Cosmetic Organizers

Makeup art can be a messy business, whether your loved one is a professional artist or just starting in the industry, they will find themselves having piles of tools and material and absolutely nowhere to keep it. For cases like that, the perfect gift for them is a simple but helpful cosmetic organizer for their room, office, or beauty parlor. As simplistic as it sounds, sometimes less is best. If you want to give your beloved something that will help organize their life and take away the stress of clutter, a cosmetic organizer is your best bet.

4. Headbands

Any professional makeup artist or even makeup enthusiast will tell you that a headband should be used when applying makeup to the face. We can not have the client’s hair getting messed up now can we? So for moments like this, the one thing that will definitely help your makeup artist is to have headbands to keep their hair or their clients’ hair back. Headbands come in an array of different materials, styles, and fits; each one is guaranteed to be a great accessory to hold back hair for makeup appliance or even wear on the go with an outfit.

5. Makeup Themed Decor & Items

Who says makeup is the only thing you can give to a makeup artist? For those of us that are absolutely clueless when it comes to different kinds of makeup and tools, there is an alternative gift option that works just as well as the newest eyeshadow pallet or lipstick. With makeup themed decor and items, you can bring a smile to your loved ones face by gifting them with wall art, cases, a mug, or any other kind of item that is makeup themed. If nothing comes to mind, no worries! You can go on websites and make your own makeup themed decor or item custom made for your beloved that will knock their holiday socks off.

The holiday season can be the easiest time of the year or the hardest, it all depends on how prepared you are for it. And hopefully with the help of this list of five gifts for makeup artists, you will be even more ready to shower your loved ones with the amazing gifts they deserve.

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