May 29, 2024
Quality Sanitizer in India

The Complete Guide to Buying the Right Hand Sanitizer

The pandemic has changed our lives forever. People are focusing on lifestyle and food choices and fixating on hygiene like never before. It’s a new normal to constantly wash hands with soap, avoid crowded places, sanitize everything in the house, wear a face mask, keep our distance from people, and persistently sanitize our hands.

Washing hands for 20 seconds is the most effective way to prevent the spread of infections. If water and soap are not available, it is recommended that an alcohol-based sanitizer can be used.

In the last two years, the demand for COVID-19 safety gear and personal hygiene products, like sanitizers and immunity boosters, increased drastically. While the demand for sanitizers skyrocketed, every manufacturer, whether experienced or inexperienced, unfortunately, started producing sanitizers. This pushed numerous spurious and inferior sanitizers in the market.

Types of sanitizers

There are alcohol-based sanitizers and alcohol-free sanitizers.

  • Alcohol-based sanitizers have 65%-90% alcohol and are accessible in ethanol, propanol, and isopropanol forms. They are known to be more effective in curbing germs and viruses.
  • Alcohol-free sanitizers contain balsam (an aromatic substance used for medicinal purposes) to render a pleasant smell to the hands.

The challenge of fake sanitizers

As we fight an unknown enemy and carry the burden of pandemic fatigue, another struggle is to identify spurious or fake hand sanitizers. Even if you search for the best sanitizer company in India, you may not find a reliable product. This is because sanitizer formulation requires specialized knowledge.

When we buy a hand sanitizer online or buy it from a pharmacy or store, there are so many options available that it’s difficult to pick one trustworthy product. Using a cheap or inferior product can have so many damaging effects.

  • It can make your hands dry and patchy.
  • It can cause skin burns.
  • It can cause skin rashes or inflammation.
  • It does not protect you from germs or viruses.
  • Children are at an increased risk of getting allergies due to harmful chemicals.
  • Some people may have a headache with sanitizers that have strong chemicals.

Ways to check if your sanitizer is original

There are some quick and cost-effective ways to check if you are using an original product.

  • Pen test: Make a circle on tissue paper with a pen. Pour a few drops of the sanitizer in the middle of the circle and allow it to diffuse. An original sanitizer, once diffused, will erase the ink on the tissue paper, while a fake sanitizer will not be able to erase the ink.
  • Hairdryer test: Take a tablespoon of sanitizer and water in two different bowls. Heat the hair dryer and dry both in the same way. The original hand sanitizer will dry up faster than water as it contains the right amount of alcohol.
  • Dough test: Take a tablespoon of flour in a bowl and add some sanitizer to it. If the sanitizer is fake, the flour will become sticky or runny. The alcohol in the original sanitizer will evaporate and will not let the flour become hydrated.

How to select an excellent sanitizer?

The World Health Organization (WHO) strongly recommends using sanitizers to get protection from coronavirus infection. Therefore, sanitizers have become as important as our smartphones today, especially when we step out. We need them everywhere.

But should you buy any hand sanitizer online? Learn a few things to understand how to select the right sanitizer online. Even a reputed and best sanitizer company in India cannot assure complete disinfection of your hands.

  • Choose a high-quality sanitizer, which is alcohol-based and meant for disinfecting hands. It can be in gel, liquid, or foam forms and packaged differently.
  • High-quality sanitizers can kill 99.9% of germs and microbes.
  • Experts believe that the alcohol concentration of a good sanitizer is about 65% – 90%.
  • It should have antibacterial and antiviral properties.
  • The product label will have detailed information about expiry, storage, alcohol percentage, and its ingredients.
  • The product will not dry your hands.
  • It is a non-sticky formulation and leaves the hand feeling refreshed.

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Precautions while using a hand sanitizer

  • You must be careful while using hand sanitizers for children. Just ensure that children don’t lick their hands immediately after using the hand sanitizer.
  • Keep it away from children.
  • Ensure that you do not touch your eyes after using the sanitizer.
  • If a child swallows hand sanitizer accidentally, reach out to a medical professional immediately.
  • Do not use surface disinfectants to sanitize your hands.
  • Keep it away from a spark, open flames, and static electricity.

Just Human Hand Sanitizer

If you are a selective buyer and particular about the quality of the sanitizer, Just Human Hand Sanitizer is the best choice for total hand hygiene. It has been extensively tested in GLP-certified laboratories.

Here are some more facts about Just Human Hand Sanitizer.

  • Made with a superior US technology
  • Single-use gives you round-the-clock protection (it acts like an all-day protective shield)
  • It has over 70% alcohol that gives you complete protection from germs and microbes
  • Skin-friendly and helps to maintain the right pH levels
  • It does not contain any harmful chemicals and is completely safe for children
  • It contains essential oils that leave a delightful and mild fragrance on your hands
  • Smooth texture that leaves the hands feeling soft and supple
  • Preferred brand for healthcare facilities, restaurants and clubs, gymnasiums, shopping malls, and personal use
  • Convenient packaging


It is critical, more than ever, to choose the right sanitizer to protect yourself and your family. There is a wide variety of hand sanitizers available online, but you must select a product that contains superior good-quality ingredients.

An effective sanitizer can help to prevent infections and keep your hands safe from any damage. Your decision should not be based on the price of a sanitizer but its reliability and quality.

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