June 18, 2024

6 Hacks Before you to A Long Motorcycle Ride

The long drive and bike ride through the mountains is a thrilling experience for every biker. Even if you are not a fan of bike riding you may at some point have had imagined the cold breeze rustling your hair and the open sky welcoming you on the long drive. Biking is a wonderful experience. A dangerous one but amazing if you have grip and enough practice to overcome the negative aspects of biking.

Even though bikes are considered 27 times more dangerous than cars, they are also a fun way to ride and enjoy a moment not to mention affordable and reliable. If you are a single person going for a ride then you may choose a bike as your first travel option since it is not practical to take a car with you and charged up for extra fuel as well as finding the right parking spots.

Why Choose Bike Ride for your Next Adventure

As much as bikes are dangerous they are also one of the most common modes of transport for people who love to explore a little dangerously. Bike rides are fun, cheap, and extremely easy. You do not have to worry about finding the perfect parking spots, understanding the complex engine and keeping up with the safety of a large vehicle. Especially for a person who is going on their journey solo, there is no point in taking a whole vehicle with them and pay for the extra fuel.

Moreover, riding a bike is also more of a hobby than a cheap trick to save money. There are people who actually travel thousands of miles on bikes and spend their life meaningfully surfing the mountains and getting the best of the cold breeze touching their face. Riding a bike through natural scenic areas is the greatest way to make some amazing bond with Mother Nature. If you are also one of those people who can control a bike within safe limits then you must give it a try. So if you are all amped up for your next biking road trip then we have some basic hacks for you which you shouldn’t overlook before your next bike journey.

Get your Bike Checked

Before you go on a long trip make sure to get a visit to a reliable mechanic. While your bike may seem good and functional on the outside there may be some hidden flaws that could come out at the right time. And the cost of getting a spare part broken in the middle of the road is too high. Also, an oil change before covering all those extra miles will give a fresh start to your engine and allow your bike to be smart and smoothly running. You can also use the Valvoline 19.99 oil change coupon to get service from one of the most trusted names in the industry.

Moreover, make sure you get a full check-up done for your ride rather than just focusing on the engine health. Check for the loose wires, any missing cables, and uncomfortable seats especially. An uncomfortable seat on your long journey can because you lot of troubles. You will feel uneasy and more often than not end up with a long-term severe back pain.

Keep Some Extra Oil

When you’re in the middle of a ride, something can happen and you need to have a little extra oil with you in case your bike develops a leak. It just takes one piece of road debris that you or your friend hit in collisions to cut or puncture something that causes a leak on the motorcycle.

Plus, it’s just nice to have a lubricant on hand for loosening bolts or lubrication of the emergency chain or some other feature that needs anything to be lubricated.

Keep the Filter in Check

If you intend to cross deserts or even dusty gravel paths, you’ll end up constantly wiping out your air filter. So pick a washable unit that can be taken out, washed, dried, and stuck back in. In order to catch the bulk of dust before it reaches the machine, another old-school off-road trick is to slather Vaseline or grease inside the airbox.

Know your Route

It is fun to be spontaneous but also very careless. When you embark on a bike journey make sure to keep a road map with you. Even though you are covered with Siri or Alexa you may need to keep a physical map for places with no GPS or zero coverage. This way you won’t be lost. Besides that, keep your research handy. Always check for stops and restrooms before leaving the home so you have all your stops planned ahead.

Another simple hack to keep yourself covered with routes and roads is to download several travel apps on your phone. In places where you get coverage, you can check the next stop.

Some Extra Cables

It’s a pain to cut a clutch cord, threading a new one through the bike while freezing cold or it’s even greater pain in the desert. Run a spare cable alongside the current one (same with the throttle cable) before you set-off and tie them together with the cable. It will take no time to attach the new one if the old one leaves.

Don’t Forget the Accessories

Those accessories we are talking about are for you and safe travel. When you go on a bike ride you must have the best of your comfort and safety items. Don’t forget to pack necessary items such as a hat to fight the scorching sun, a spare helmet in case you lose the first one and you don’t have to travel an inch without proper safety, and also sunglasses.

Also when it comes to bike rides or any travel you must have a first aid kit with you at all times. The first aid kit must include some common pain killers, anti-allergy any basic medicines that you might need. Also, try to minimize the load with you so you do not have to carry the unnecessary weight with you along your next road trip.

Embark on unforgettable outback motorcycle adventures, where the thrill of the open road meets the rugged beauty of nature.


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