Halal Beauty Products – Why is Halal the Next Big Thing!

‘Halal’ is the latest trend in the cosmetics industry. Lately, we can see more and more personal care products with the word halal stamped across. Many new brands offering halal beauty products have cropped up, and many reputable brands have introduced their own halal beauty products line. From wudhu (ablution) friendly nail polishes to alcohol-free deodorants, the halal cosmetics have it all covered.

So what’s the hype all about? What is so special about halal? What does it entail?

Halal, in simple terms, means permissible. There are some ingredients commonly present in beauty and personal care products that are not permissible according to Islamic law (shariah), and hence a large body of Muslims is unable to use them. Products have been designed with the halal conscious Muslim consumers in mind. A halal product means that it is harmless and free from objects that are deemed impure (nazis) by Islamic law. A halal product is free from;

  • toxic and harmful substances
  • alcohol
  • pork
  • the meat of impermissible animals
  • the meat of animals slaughtered in a un-Islamic way

The majority of the renowned cosmetic companies originate in the west. They are owned and operated by non-Muslims and have their own standards of quality. Muslims; on the other hand, have a different set of standards that revealed to them from above seven heavens. Unfortunately, these standards have largely ignored in the past due to various reasons.

Now, however, the importance of this growing market has been realized and more and more brands are catering to the needs of Muslims by offering halal products. The Muslim market is huge, them being 24.1% of the entire population 1.8 billion according to a study in 2015!.

Moreover, halal is trending because:

It is Safe, Healthy and Wholesome
Halal isn’t just for the Muslims. Many non-Muslims prefer halal products as well. And that’s because it isn’t just an Arabic label. It is a certification that the products you are buying have been produced in the best and safest way, using only the finest and purest ingredients. Halal beauty products and personal care products are popular because they are superior in quality, safer and healthier.

Additionally, apart from being produced according to Islamic guidelines the products are vegan-free, environment-friendly and cruelty-free as well. That’s the best a product can be!

Because YOU are more Aware
It is trending because of YOU! You needed it that way!

The present generation is more aware of what they buy and where these products come from. They want their products to be more natural, healthy and safe. Furthermore, Muslims are more aware of their religious requirements and do not want to buy cosmetics and personal care products that contain haram ingredients. That’s where halal comes in!

Halal Beauty Products Guarantee the Best of Both the Worlds
Being conscious about this doesn’t mean that Muslims are dull, boring and ugly; not interested in anything to do with beauty and personal care. They love beautifying themselves all the same, if not more! However, they need to stick to make-up and personal care products that do not become a hindrance between themselves and their prayers.

Halal certified brands come as a relief for these Muslims. In the past, Muslim women had to wash off their make-up before every ablution and they couldn’t use products with impure ingredients. However, now they can use these products and observe their religious obligations at the same time; isn’t that best of both the worlds?

Because We Care
It is the hype because we care for you! We want you to get the best value for money by buying the safest, finest and healthiest products that are halal at the same time. We’ve come up with a wide range of halal beauty products, each of which has undergone extensive procedures to make sure they’re outstanding. We’ve brainstormed ideas, handpicked the finest organic ingredients and designed products under the utmost care and quality control standards. What you see on our page is the result of hours of hard work and toil. Don’t forget to check out our latest collection, made just for YOU!

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