How does Tally ERP 9 Ensure Data Security?

The level of competition in the global market is increasing at an exceptional rate that is making it difficult for many companies to survive and grow in their respective niche. Another major reason that is pulling back many enterprises to boost their growth rate is the security of their crucial business data. 

The majority of organizations are using the same enterprise resource planning systems for a long time that do not guarantee the absolute security of their sensitive business data. Hackers from all around the globe are targeting the entrepreneurial systems to have access to the enterprise data to make money out of it. Thus, data security has become the prime concern for every organization using the ERP system. 

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Tally ERP 9 is one such software that offers a security framework to protect the confidentiality of your business data. With Tally, you can manage your organization’s different activities like accounting, cost management, payroll management, and others more effectively. The Tally on cloud allows you to have access to your business data from any location and at any time. This way, you can have a real-time view of your business operations and make decisions that can promote your operational efficiency. Here, we are listing down the security features that a Tally software offers:

  • Role-based security: In every organization, there is always a set of data that requires limited access. To restrict some users to make changes or any other action to the given set of data, you can create groups in Tally and allow & deny users as per the need.
  • Database security: The software offers a feature called Tally Vault that you can use for encrypting your entire database that provides high-level security to your data. Even if someone gets fortunate enough to get hold of your database, the data cannot be accessed.
  • Prevent back data entries: Even making some minor changes in the backdated entries can have a major impact on all your reports. With Tally, you can effectively manage your already updated entries and eliminate the chances of duplication of data.
  • Security in data transmission: The encryption of data has helped users to facilitate the secure transfer of data for remote access and synchronization. Tally offers https protocol with which you can securely share data with external systems as well.
  • Audit Report: To create a robust security system, Tally offers an audit feature that helps you to identify which voucher is altered by which user. With this feature, you can have effective control over the entire modification process.
  • Data storage on Tally servers: When you transfer your sensitive business data to remote systems through Tally servers, no data is stored on the servers – ever. Not a single piece of your business information is stored on the Tally server. Thus you can keep your mind at ease as your business data resides only in your organizational systems.
  • Data storage on remote systems: Tally on cloud help you to access your business data from any remote system; you just have to enter the right credentials. Tally ensures that while you access your data from a remote server, not even a single piece of data gets stored in its hard disk. This feature helps you to care freely access your company’s data as no fragments of data will be left around.
  • Authentication: Users who want to access the company’s data have to go through a strict authentication mechanism laid by the Tally software. With this feature, remote users can manage their passwords efficiently and be assured that no one will be able to get hold of their critical business data.

The Tally ERP 9 software leaves no way for hackers to get access to an organization’s core business data. By incorporating Tally software into your enterprise systems, you don’t have to worry about data leaking and can focus all your attention on managing the other essential business operations that will assist you in achieving success in the dynamic market.

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