June 16, 2024

How to Manage Home inventory In This Pandemic?

The trajectory of Cases of covid-19 going upward every day and the death that occurs due to this virus increases. The situation gets worse day by day. Many countries found the new strain of coronavirus which spread more easily. The government once again imposed strict restrictions on public activity, the office opts for a work from home approach, and schools and colleges closed again. Because of the shortage of hospital beds, oxygen, and remdesivir injection, the patient might not get good treatment. Therefore, it increases the likelihood of death, if the patient contracted coronavirus. All of this situation forced people to live in-door once again.

In the house, family members engage in a different activity such as children playing with toys or playing across the home, their father busy with work and finding some food to eat, grandfather and grandmother looking for some activity for killing time, and mother busy with her work: cooking, cleaning, and cloth washing.

All this activity creates a mess in the house. Managing home stuff would be difficult. A consequence of this will be items could be missed, end up buying the same items, can not effectively track record of expenses, and ineffectively plan home grocery. That costs extra money and creates a mess in the house.

To cope with this situation, a Home inventory management app will help you to manage and organize your home stuff. It will help you to plan groceries for home, organize home stuff such as clothes, shoes, cosmetics, and personal belongings, and also track the expense of the home. One of these apps is My stuff Organizer: For Home Inventory Management. The following points show how this app helps to manage the above situation.

My Stuff Organizer helps you to Find your Home inventory

In everyday life, you have purchased many things. In that item, you used some items and others are stored somewhere in the house. There will be a situation where you need that stored item. But, you do not know where did you put it. It is very stressful to recall and search for that item. In this case, the My Stuff Organizer app will help you find that item easily. How?

First, create a list of stuff you have purchased and have already in your home such as Furniture, Electronic devices, footwear, bike, clothes, etc. Add all this stuff in the My stuff organizer app with the details of stuff name, category, purchase date, Guarantee/Warranty detail, quantity, price, stuff Status: in use or dead, and detail about where you stored it. Also, you can add a QR code of stuff or can create a custom one.

Whenever you need stuff, which you do not know where it is stored, simply open the app and search that stuff name on the app; App will give all the details of that stuff with where you stored it. Therefore, the app can save your time and you do not need to take stress to recall it.

My Stuff Organizer helps you to Manage/Organize your Home inventory

You have many things in your home. You can Manage/Organize all those things using pen and paper. However, there will be chances to lose that paper or paper will be torn. Ultimately, you lose your data about home inventory. My stuff Organizer can solve these problems. How?

As you know, you can add items in-app with details like name, photo, category, purchase date, warranty date, price, lend/borrow, quantity, and stuff status. You can easily see what you have in your home through the dashboard. In the dashboard, you can better track all items. For instance, you can know about the price of the stuff you have, the total number of stuff, total dead stuff, and how much stuff you lend to your friends.

This app can have all detail about your home stuff. You can share these details with your friends and family members. No worry about data loss, you can easily restore or backup data in your device. Tracking home inventory on this app is more easy and effective than the traditional method: pen and paper.

You can better plan and track the record of Food & Grocery of your home

In this pandemic situation, people take many precautions like not going out unless having any important work. Therefore, people buy food & grocery in large quantities to avoid going out frequently. However, it is still an unorganized and unplanned way because sometimes people forget about certain things included in the grocery list, and do not know which grocery they already have, as a result, they have to go out to buy that specific item. Also, people forget about tracking expenses on groceries.

My stuff organizer app helps you to better plan, organize and track expenses of your home grocery. First, create a list of grocery and food which you already have in your home. Add in my stuff organizer app with proper details. Based on this list you are in a position to plan your future grocery like how many days it will run? How much quantity do you have to buy? So you can not buy the same item again and save money on it.

Second, go out and buy your groceries according to what you have planned. Add all grocery items in my stuff app with proper details. On the app, you can track how much did you spend on a particular grocery item. So, you can better plan your budget for the future. Also, this grocery list helps you in future grocery purchases and you do not need to create your grocery list again and again.

How does My stuff Organizer help in manage personal belongings

While coronavirus forces everybody to live in the house and the company adopting a work from home approach, the home is like an office for many working people. While working people have to keep certain things with them. If any one thing is missed, it will create distortions in work. In this case, keeping track of personal belongings is necessary.

My Stuff Organizer can help you to keep track of your personal belongings. You can create a list of your personal inventory which you require in your work. Whenever you need those things, just search on the app to find where it is. The app can save your time and help in smoothly doing your work.

Other than that, you can track your own personal inventory like electronic devices and manage your closet inventory. For electronic devices, the app helps to create a list of all your devices along with the Guarantee/Warranty date. The app also gives a Guarantee/Warranty reminder.

You can manage your closet inventory like clothes, shoes, cosmetics, and more with details of stuff status in use or dead. Therefore, the app gives an idea about what style of clothes you have, what kind of cosmetics you own, you have an idea about your future purchases. You can track the stuff which you borrowed or lent someone.

In conclusion, in this pandemic, for safety, everybody has to live at home. In-home, people have to manage their office work, house chores, and helping with children’s homework. Therefore, people get little time to manage home inventory, which creates a mess in the home. The solution for this problem is the My Stuff Organizer app. The app helps in managing/organizes your home inventory, grocery, and personal inventory. Make your life easy by downloading this app and kindly share it with your friends.


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