How To Print Your Own Wedding Invitations: 10 Things To Know?

Wedding Invitations are always special and close to the heart. While nothing beats a hand written or hand painted card and handmade card, still in this busy world we have to find ways and means to find your dream wedding invite. Here are some simple things that will help one to find the perfect wedding invitation for their dream wedding.

1.Start Early: The moment the date and venue is fixed, start looking out for your dream wedding invite. Do not make the mistake of waiting till the start moment to find same as then you will not have adequate time and might have to make a compromised decision. That is not all, many designer cards also take some time to be made, so ensure that you start early.

  1. Keep an eye on the budget: When you are making the wedding budget, ensure that you allocate some funds to wedding cards also. It is important as invites are at times costly and hence need to have a separate fund allocation for same.
  2. Check what is in Vogue: Each year there are various trends dictating the wedding invitations. Keep an eye on the Trending wedding cards for the year to actually zero onto one that matches your style and budget.
  3. Keep the theme: This is the era of theme weddings. If you too are having one, then ensure that your wedding invite is also made as per the theme. Please note that you wedding invite gives one a peak into what to expect at the wedding day.
  4. Choose the color scheme: Ensure that the color of the wedding invite is as per the colors that will be used on the wedding day.
  5. Get Personalized cards: When you are investing in a designer wedding card, ensure that you find one that is personalized. Ask your designer to include motifs or prints of your liking to add your personal touch to same.
  6. Design a logo: Take professional help to design a logo for the wedding card. A logo with the first initials of the couple is in vogue and looks classy on the card.
  7. Choose the material with care: Wedding cards can be made with various materials like- silk, fabric, paper, velvet and so on. Choose one that goes with your design as well as the theme of the wedding.

9.Select a good quality printer: When you are printing a wedding card ensure that you choose one that is heavy and glossy. This will ensure that the card looks good.

10.Choose accessories: You can also accessorize your cards by adding a ribbon or bow to tie same and so on. These small add ons make a difference.

The above are 10 simple things that you can keep in mind when printing your own wedding invite.

It is the season of weddings. In the last few months the couples to tie the knot are Deepika Ranveer, Saina Nehwal and Parupalli Kashyap, Kapil Sharma and Ginni Chatrath, Priyanka and Nick and last but the not the least Suhel Seth and Lakshmi Menon. Each of these weddings have been a trend setter in their own way. If you are also planning to tie your know soon then read on to know more about ways to make your wedding memorable with these latest wedding trends.

Exclusive wedding: Gone are the days, when people used to invite everyone they knew on the wedding day. Now days, people have segregated the two. They keep the wedding ceremony on a separate day when only the near family members attend. This way the wedding ceremonies are kept intact and exclusive. The plus point of an exclusive wedding is that it is intimate. Since, it is a small gathering people can actually soak in the ceremonies and rituals. They keep the party later where the whole world is invited. This way, the wedding couple can also enjoy the party as there are no ceremonies and rituals on that day for them to take part in. So, it is the best of both worlds.

Simple wedding Invites: One trend that has emerged from the recent celebrity weddings is to keep the wedding invite simple. No one has gone for a heavily embossed silk or velvet wedding card with Indian Motifs. In fact, if you see the recent wedding invites they are hugely influenced by the western invites both in terms of color scheme as well as layout. The invites are simple with simple words written on them. Most of them have a floral design on the cover in a sober color scheme like pastel shades. The color used on the cards are not the usual golden or red but rather a refreshing coral, beige, peach and lavender. The cards are also simple to look at and read making them refreshingly unique.

Offbeat Traditional wear: Another wedding trend that has emerged from the recent weddings is the color palate worn by the couple. Though, the trend of the bride and groom wearing similar or complimentary colors on the special day is still very much in vogue , the shades that they wear has undergone a huge transformation. Earlier , the bride and groom used to wear colors like red , maroon, purple and so on. Now days, they prefer colors like beige, pink, light green, golden, silver and so on . The color schemes used at the weddings have undergone a lot of change and now the color scheme opted is more subtle.

Food from all over the world: Another latest wedding trend to make your wedding memorable is to actually have food items from all across the globe. Ensure that you have a wide variety of food that includes Indian , Chinese and Continental to make the event stand out.

Hope these latest trends will help you to make your wedding unique and memorable.

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