May 22, 2024

How to Select Women Dresses According To Body Types

Though dresses don’t form the identity of a person or make them beautiful. So, However, wearing a dress that makes a body comfortable and highlights the features of different body parts can make women feel more confident about themselves. Many designers focus on creating dresses for women according to their body types. So as to accentuate their different physical features. Let us discuss the different body types of women and the dresses ideal for them.

Pear-Shaped Body Type

This type of body shape is also called a triangle shape. This type of body shape has features such as wider waist than the bust, narrow shoulders in comparison to hips, and fuller hips. While buying dresses online, women should consider their body shape for choosing the perfect dress.

Dresses with embellished necklines and belted style can highlight the slender features. Dramatic sleeves or open backs will also look great on triangle shaped body of women. Wearing any casual dresses with hemlines falling just below the knees can make them appear tall. Maxi style dresses are also perfect for this body type and they make the women feel comfortable.

Hourglass Shape Body

Women with curvy body types belong in this category. Some of the prominent features as a part of hourglass figure are a well-defined waistline, even bust and hip ratio, fuller bust, hips, and thighs. Generally, designers considered this type of figure as the ideal one for every type of dresses. As a result, while buying online dresses for women, curvy women are left with a wide range of options to choose from.

However, they should avoid loose fitting dresses. If they like any form of loose fitting dress, pairing up with a belt can create wonders. They must choose dresses that accentuate their waistline, such as wrap dresses or fit and flare dresses or bodycon dresses. High waist skirts or mini dresses will also look great on women with an hourglass figure.

Apple Shaped Body Type

This shape of the body is also termed as an inverted triangle body type. The physical features in this category are the well-proportioned figure, broader shoulder than hips, might not have a curvy shape and don’t have a well-defined waistline. Women can find different types of dresses both on online websites as well as designer stores, ideal for this body type.

Strapless dresses, as well as dresses with a lower neckline, look great on women with inverted triangle body type. Besides, they can also try wrap dresses and maxi dresses. If they want to highlight their legs, women can go for knee-length shift dresses or can choose mini dresses. They can also try different diagonal stripes or darker colors dresses if they have any doubt in selecting a dress ideal for them.

Athletic Shaped Body Type

They are also called ‘rectangular’ or ‘straight’ shaped body. The physical features in this category are highlighted as the same measurements of shoulders and hip and rather quite a straight waistline. One can choose among jumpsuits or halter dresses for women as well as girls with this body type on various online women clothing websites as well as popular stores.

Though not every woman falls in the above-mentioned categories and the majority of them have physical features from different body types. As a result, one needs to try a variety of dresses to find the ideal one for their body type.

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