How to take care of your pets when bursting crackers

Diwali is a festival that brings joy, prosperity, and peace to humans across the globe. The celebration that we enjoy should not be the misery for other living beings. Do you know that more than two lakhs of animals across the country get traumatized due to crackers’ bursting? Igniting fireworks disturbs animals’ peace, causes light, air, and noise pollution that are even harmful to human beings. It’s crucial to buy crackers online or offline from reputed Sivakasi fireworks brands to avoid unnecessary hazardous to humans. A festival should bring happiness and joy to people and animal lives. Today we will check out how to keep your pets safe when bursting crackers.

Few drawbacks of crackers for animals

The bursting of fireworks causes panic, anxiety, confusion, and fear of animals. This anxiety makes the animals do crazy things like hiding themselves under a bed or car, not eating food properly, hiding in safe places where there are no chances for sound, running away from homes, not going out for walks, and more.

When firing crackers, the common symptoms in animals include aggressiveness, loss of appetite, excessive barking, shivering, trembling, shaking, salivation, fear, and more. Animals have acute hearing sense, and therefore the sound caused when bursting fireworks is unbearable. The animals’ ears are more sensitive compared to humans, and consequently, it causes more stress in animals.

How to take care of your pets when bursting crackers

  • Take your dog outside to park or a simple walk and make them do different activities before 4 hours of Diwali celebrations. Feed them before you start the celebrations as there is a chance for your pets to not eat or respond due to the sound. A well-fed and tired dog will not feel much stress or anxiety when hearing the fireworks sound.
  • Ensure you don’t leave your dog outside of your home while firing crackers as the loud noise can make them panic and leave them scared. If your dogs are isolating themselves in the washroom or under the bed, don’t force them and leave them as per their comfort.
  • Close every window and door of your house, keep any favorite music of your dogs, and level up the volume level to avoid them from making scared because of the noise of the firecrackers.
  • If you feel your dogs are too aggressive due to the firecrackers sound, make them feel comfortable by distracting them and offering them what they like.
  • Provide your pets their favorite toys or things as this is the best way to distract your dogs.
  • Keep your dogs in a room where there will be more noise from outside. You can cover the corners, space below the windows and doors with clothes so that you can minimize the crackers sound from entering your home.
  • Don’t forget to wear a tag for your puppy with the name and number during the bursting of firecrackers. In case your dogs run out of your home, you can easily find them with their tags.
  • Do not light Diya’s or candles and fireworks too close to your dogs. Keep the fire-related items out of your dogs.
  • Do not forget to spend time with your dogs during the celebration time and when bursting crackers.

Ensure to follow the above instructions to save your pet from the firecrackers and noises. Festivals give us happy moments in our lives. Celebrate all your occasion with your family. Happy Diwali!

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