Incredible Ways to Make Hotel Guests Feel Special

Incredible Ways to Make Hotel Guests Feel Special

Whether customers are staying at your hotel for a relaxing vacation or a business trip, they expect a high level of customer service and comfort. Every visitor to your hotel should be treated with respect. Continually seeking for new methods to make your hotel visitors feel special will stimulate repeat business and improve your brand’s image.  Check out these tips by one of the guest amenities manufacturers

Give Special Offers

Offer special online coupons or discounts to your most frequent visitors that may be utilised on a future hotel stay.

Include Loyal Guests in A Special Product Rollout

If you’re planning to unveil something new to the public, such as remodelled rooms or the launch of a hotel extension, invite your regular customers to a special event where they’ll be the first to witness the changes.

Send Your Guests A Handwritten Note Or Postcard

Personal mail appears to be on the decline as the popularity of sending emails continues to grow. A handwritten message or postcard thanking your guests for their visit would be a pleasant surprise. This small gesture goes a long way toward demonstrating how much you respect your guests’ business.

Anticipate Your Guests’ Needs

Do you know what your visitors have planned for their visit? If they’re going on a long hike, leave trail mix packages in the room for each of the guests you expect to attend. You can also sell birthday bundles and other special occasion packages.

Offer Personalized Gifts

According to a hotel conditioner manufacturer, you should avoid treating your returning customers the same way you would any other customer. The following suggestion will make your frequent visitors feel valued. Keep some candy bars at your hotel and make a customised wrapper for them when you get a repeat customer.

Cancel Extra Charges Occasionally

Give some of your customers a surprise by removing the amount from their final hotel bill when they check out if your hotel charges a resort fee for services like Wi-Fi, gym, or tennis court fees. This gesture will leave your guests with a positive impression of your hotel and may improve the likelihood of them returning.

Offer Complimentary Items

You can go one step further than filling room refrigerators with complimentary beverages by welcoming your hotel visitors with a cold drink (or a hot drink in chilly areas). Most hotels provide free products such as shampoo and conditioner. Luxury toiletries, on the other hand, might make your guests feel unique. Even if your hotel isn’t rated four or five stars, this could give it a posh atmosphere.

Train Your Staff

Customer service best practises should be taught to all of your employees. Regardless of whether your employees work in the front or back of the house, they should be aware of how every interaction with visitors affects your hotel. You can also train your receptionists to present guests with relevant information. Details about what makes your city unique, for example. Your hotel employees can also advise customers to lesser-known restaurants, boutiques, or cultural events that highlight the greatest aspects of your neighbourhood.

Make All Guests Feel That Your Hotel Is Concerned About Their Special Needs

You will have visitors with a variety of needs, such as parents with young children, older people with mobility issues, and disabled persons. You should ideally develop a diversity policy that applies to both your staff and your visitors.

Always Be Fully-Staffed

The majority of people hire a hotel for a stress-free vacation. A good service can make the difference between a peaceful stay and a stressful stay for your guests. Issues with hotel workers are one of the most common hotel visitor concerns. If your hotel is understaffed, your staff is likely to feel upset or annoyed with guests. When employees are overworked and working long shifts, they may take their frustrations out on guests.

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