Learner’s Guide To Web Hosting

Hosting is the basic foundation of the internet that can be accomplished by employing a cheap web hosting company. With everything working online, a person needs to know a lot more than making the website to grow his business. Having a website won’t do you any good if you don’t know how to make it reachable to people. To make your site live over the internet, you need to host your website. But the issue is that most learners do not know how to host a website. Many don’t even try to learn because they think it needs exclusive technical skills to host a website. But it is not true. Anyone can host their websites. All they require is to learn the right undertakes.

In this learner’s guide, I am going to tell you everything you need to know to host your website.

A learner’s guide to web hosting

Every website requires a place where its data is secure and accessible anytime from anywhere. And this is done with the help of web hosting. Hosting provides a home to your site. Purchasing a hosting service is like renting a condo for your website over the internet.

What does hosting a website implies?

When you host a website, you buy space for its files and data on a distinctive system termed a Server. This computer system makes your website accessible over the internet so anyone can check it. This web server’s job is to accept the incoming requests for your web pages and reply to them by sending the requested web page to the users’ system. If you find learning about web hosting a tricky job, you can always hire aweb hosting company in Chandigarhto do the job.

Every online business in existence today uses a web hosting company to anchor its website. From tech giants to start-ups, everyone needs a place over the internet. Thus as soon as you purchase hosting and set up your site, you will go world-wide reachable in a blink.

What is required to host a site?

There are two major components that you require to host a site. One is a domain name, while the other is a hosting service. You cannot start your work online without either of them.

  • Domain Name:

Choosing a domain name is a crucial step. You cannot take it lightly. Whatever domain name you choose, will become the address of your website. It is the same address that people will type in a browser to visit your site. A distinctive and catchy name helps to attract customers. After your database is hosted over the internet, your domain name becomes a medium to access that data. There are many hosting services online that let you purchase a domain name at a variety of prices.

  • Web Hosting Service Provide

The reason to look for a web hosting service provider is to buy ready-to-use web servers to host your site. They take care of the technical part and give their clients easy to work tools to handle their hosting. You can have easy access to your website and can manage its working.

Types of Hosting Services

Every website is different from the other. Some are light with low traffic, while some are heavy with high traffic. Based upon the size and feature, the need for resources is different. Thus the need for hosting is also different. Web Hosting companies provide different kinds of hosting services designed to fit particular needs.

Here is the list of basic types of hosting services:

  • Shared Hosting-

This type of hosting is suitable for websites, start-ups, and blogs. In this hosting, you share the server with other websites.This is why it is the cheapest one of all.

  • VPS Hosting-

In this hosting service, you again share the server, but the resources are exclusive. Conditions of other websites on the server will not affect you. It is more costly than the former one.

  • Dedicated Hosting-

This hosting service gives you your dedicated web server. You have all the resources for yourself. The server will be working for you only. It is the costliest hosting service.

  • Cloud Hosting-

In this, you get a cluster of web servers. Your data is duplicated on all the servers. If anyone server fails to work, the other one will take its place to perform the task. It is slightly cheaper than the dedicated hosting but is costlier than the other two. You can also get managed cloud servers if you do not want to take care of any technical issues that may arise in the future.


Thus you understand how web hosting is important for your website. It allows you to run on the internet as well as draw customers to your business. It is crucial to have the perfect web hosting service for your website to store & run.

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